Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well, we did it. At the guild meeting last night Rochelle and I made the announcement that we would not be running for President and Vice President next year. It was a difficult decision to make and we both talked about not doing it this year...but did anyway. The guild has more members and lots of talent to pull from now so hopefully there will be others who are willing to share in the work. This year has been hard on both of us with several board members not fulfilling their duties and us picking up the pieces.
I think the final piece of straw was the craft show last weekend. Everyone was basically out of there by 5pm and I hadn't even had a chance to begin tearing down my booth yet. So there we were, Rochelle and Crystal...again. I swear, we can be the first one's in and we will be the last one's out. Thanks you to Dianne and her family for helping with my booth tear down. My son, Chris has been a huge help for me this year by coming in to help set up and tear down. I owe you guys!
By now means do I want the guild to flounder (is that the right word?) but we both need a break. Besides, a group should have new people at the helm every couple of years, giving new ideas and leadership. I have to concentrate on my business and that needs to be my priority. I have several irons in the fire and want to pursue some new opportunities (No, I'm not letting the cat out of the bag yet)

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