Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dollar Crap Queen

Yup, that is what I have deemed myself after working on this 'crap' for 2 days now. Well, it's not really 'crap''s stucking stuffers, secret santa, thinking of you, gag type stuff I've been doing for years. There was a time...many years ago...I thought to myself I would never drop to this level. Then I realized I needed to have some thank you gifts for Cub Scouts...yes it was that long ago. Other leaders from other packs and troops wanted these small gift items so....the story begins. I figured if scout leaders wanted them others might also, and I was right. I'm sure I have sold thousands of these assorted things over the years for all seasons and reasons. In fact, they have pulled up my sales to reach goals and more. Now stop right there...I know what you're thinking. These little things are quick and easy but let me tell you I have countless hours into researching, coming up with just the right sayings, designing them, stuffing them with hundreds of dollars in candy treats, going through tons of paper and ink, etc. They are heavy to pack to shows, can't be left in the trailer, ripped apart or tossed out after the holidays (you don't want stale candy), etc. I'm sure many folks who have purchased them try to copy them, but some of the sources are difficult to find and if you just want to make a couple it's definitely not worth it. Some folks have even stolen them, others will take only the topper, others will even tell me they are going to copy them...unbelievable! Sooooo, please give the proper respect due, buy the first one at least, change the design and wording, etc. (Okay, I need to get off my soap box now) Anyway, I do enjoy making them, and really enjoy the giggle and grins that shoppers get when they read them. There are quite a few new ones this year so when you are in my booth be sure to look in every nook and cranny...I'll be watching for the grins. ;)

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