Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Day Away to Treasure Hunt

Tuesday I ventured up to Utah to do some treasure hunting at my favorite antique and craft mall in Cedar City. I love it up there, I often wish I lived up there. They have seasons!
Here are some of the treasures I purchased. Everything I buy I turn into or use to make something else to resell. The coal shovels will have snowmen painted on them, the rusty metal hooks of several kinds will be used on my crafts for coat racks, etc. The spools I think I will use as make-do's with snowmen on them. I don't normally buy bottles, glassware and the sorts but these vintage mini bottles just called out to me at 50 cents a piece. The old roasting pan will have something cool painted on it as well. Had time to stop by Deseret Industries in both Cedar and St. Goerge. Got a few things but not too much this time. Sometimes you find a tone of stuff other times not. I did find an old picnic basket that had fabric on the side I think will look kinda cool in Timm's new office. Didn't get to stop by a couple of places but I will save them for next time.

I got the wood for these cute spiders at Roberts. They weren't on sale so I only bought 3, I'm sure they'll be on sale next week or something. You know I hate to pay full price for anything. Got them painted last night and I love how they turned out. You can purchase one on my website at if you love them too. He is 3D eyes and it doesn't show up very well but his feet and belly are hilighted in purple. Makes me wish I had bought all of them.

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