Monday, September 27, 2010

Art in the Park is this weekend!

That's right! One of the biggest and best outdoor shows in the west is in our own backyard. Art in the Park will be held this coming weekend, October 2-3 at the parks in Boulder City.   This is part of my booth from last year...but I assure you I've got lots of great stuff this year as well. 
For a close parking space plan to be there by 8am...but don't let parking bother you. You can ride the CAT busses that will be running every 5-10 minutes and make your day much easier and less stressful. They drop you off right at the parks and pick you up when you're finished. All fees for the busses go to a local charity for the weekend.   Look for the Southwest Diner on the way in...I painted the signs on the marqi and the side of the building.  They have delicious homestyle food by the way, I highly reccomend them.
Stop in to see me!  My space is in Bicentennial Park near the playground.  Tell me you saw this post on my blog and get a free treat! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Another Friday rolls around again...I'm telling you I think there are some days missing in between them.  Well, at least it seems that way right now.  I've been to several doctor's appts recently, how I just love the annual boob squishing (I know its necessary though).  An endocrinology appointment showed improvement. Tuesday, I had a spot on my face frozen, it should be looking "lovely" just in time for my first craft show of the season.  Seriously, as nice as the doctor was I don't think he could have been any younger and still be a specialist.  Guess that means I am realizing my own age. Anywho, right now I don't think I could cover that thing with wall spackling to hide it.  P.S.  I stayed home all day.
I pulled my craft trailer up to the patio and gutted it this week.  I've needed to clean, sort, discard and donate to make room for new product I've got this year.  It's still not a completed project, but its close.  Thank goodness I don't live in Seattle or somewhere else it rains all the time...although I would truly enjoy the greener scenery.
I have completed lots of tagging of items, a couple of doors, some more screen paintings, and a few more things.  I really like this pumpkin one.  I still need to sand the edges of the frame. 
Detail isn't very good, I took it with my phone...but you get the jest of it anyway. 
Final prepartations for Art in the Park are being completed.  I enjoyed lunch with Diane yesterday, we went over lots of details, booth layout and more.  I am feeling pretty good about it this year.  If you're in the southern Nevada area (or anywhere close by) I encourage you to make the trek to Boulder City next weekend.  It's one of the best outdoor shows in the west.  I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Workshop-CandyCorn YardStake

Candy Corn Yardstake or Door Greeter Workshop
Saturday, September 25, Martin Home
10:00 am

Reserve your space now
702-595-5018 or

Come join me and create this fun piece for Halloween.
Candy corn measures about 12" tall. Door greeter version will hang on wire.
All materials and supplies included.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Fall Craft Show Schedule

Here it is everyone...finally.  I put much effort and time in creating a show schedule and flyer.  This year I am actually printing photos of this to mail and hand out to customers.  I just love the photo.  It's by my dear friend, Ruth Denton.  I swear, she really should pursue photography as a career.  I was going to use it last year and just never got around to using it, so this year I want to thank her for the use of this photo.
If I add any show dates they will be posted here on my blog and on Facebook. 
Please come shop with me if you have a chance.  Some cool, creative holiday and everyday pieces will be waiting just for you. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Before you say it...I know I missed last week.  This dang computer of mine is dying a painful, prolonged death that is beyond frustrating to me at this point.  I did back up my files so if it should take the final plunge at least I will still have my pictures, files, etc.  I would totally freak out if I lost all that stuff.

I did make a lot of progress between the last 2 weeks.  I painted up a dozen skates.  I really like them and they are always a good seller for me. 
Can I justsay how much I like this roller skate.  I'd paint a ton of them if I could just find them.  If you have a pair or find any...please send them my way...pretty please.
Honestly, I can't remember I you've had a chance to see these yet.  There are ghosts and Frankies too.  I think I need pumpkins and bats to go with them, don't you.
Some cupboard doors have also been on the table.  A couple of snowmen ones are always a favorite.  I also completed one with a scarecrow and pumpkins that turned out awesome if I say so myself.  It's inspired by Barb Jones.  Love her new book by the way.  Camera ia charging or I'd have a picture of it for you.  Also framed up a dozen screen paintings.  I've had the dangest time finding 8x10 frames.  I have to tell you I purchased 8 1/2x11's because I didn't measure stupid. 
In Wednesday's post I told you about the sign painting I did this week for a diner in Boulder City...check it out please.  That was a project I don't really want to repeat in the summer sun anytime soon. 
Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.  We'll be heading out to Mesquite, NV to the Smokin' in Mesquite BBQ Competition.  Sadly, we are not in it this year so we'll be there helping out and supporting new BBQ friends we've made this year.  I'll report on it if you'd like to read about it on my Trailhound Smokers BBQ blog. (There's a link on this blog for you). 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The New Southwest Diner Sign

This week I spent 2 long, long, long days in Boulder City repainting the sign for the Southwest Diner. Can I tell you its much taller than it looks.  Fortunately, Monday's weather worked with me for a pleasant day of 90 degrees and slight breeze.  I'm so thankful for that since I spent 11 hours crawling around on scaffolding.  I repainted all the red, taped off, and repainted the white 'restaurant' lettering, and removed the old neon tubing that didn't work anymore on  Monday.  A boom lift was ordered and I went back out on Wednesday to finish the sign.   It was hot on Wednesday and barely a breeze...and after two full days in the sun I have the burn to prove it.  I'm thankful for the boom lift, it let me work at any height I needed to.  I felt much safer as well with a cage around me.   I had precut letters at home so I traced them onto the sign and began the masking off process.  It seems like the longest part.  Several coats of paint were layed down, tape was removed and I outlined the lettering and added a little detail to fill and 'cute it up' a little (according to Cindy).  Now the sign looks great from both sides, it's nice, bright and refreshed...and way better than the old banner they had attached to the sign.  Both the owner and I are very pleased with the way it turned out.  P.S.  I suggested vinyl lettering for the lit sign with address underneath.  It will be a cleaner look when it's backlit.


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