Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Renovation Update-Flooring

WOOHOO! The floors are finally in. What a nightmare getting to this point though. The flooring installers are real primadonnas! They didn't arrive until 10:30 on Friday, and were leaving by 11:30....yeah! They said the floors were not level enough to lay the flooring. Now is it just me or isn't that their job. They knew how old the house is, shouldn't they have made that decision and informed us when they came out to measure it?! Oh, and the only one that spoke English said he didn't have the tools to take care of it. So frustrating! Timm was home by 1:00 with a power planer on his hands and knees for hours trying shave off high spots. Finally had to fill in large spaces with a concrete leveler to make it level enough for the guys to come back on Saturday. Timm worked his butt off until 10:00 pm or so. Scott came over to help out after I called him crying. Timm is just at a breaking point right now. He works 8-10 hours at his job then comes home to spend another 4-6 hours on the house. I can't do much of what needs to be done so he is doing most of the work himself.
Chris helped all of Sunday installing the casing and base. When I got home from my craft show on Sunday night (big thanks to Chris for coming to help me tear down) the house looked awesome! They put up the new fan and the casing and base we had gotten painted.
Flooring guys came back on Monday to finish the floors, it took almost all day. Thank you God for it getting done. It really is starting to come together.
Monday after work, we got the space over the fireplace put together. Eventually we will put 'chinking' between the boards so it gives more of a log home impression. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings I painted the rest of the casework and base boards so it looks like Chris and Timm will be installing them tonight and tomorrow night. It's my job to go back in and fill the holes and touch up the paint behind them. I started that part today.

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