Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day is for Work

We've been hard at work on the house renovations. Timm's brother and one of Timm's employees came over on Saturday to hand sheetrock on the ceiling. They had the 'hat track', sheetrock, and taped the ceiling in about 4 hours. They were quick, of course when you get a bunch of carpenters in there it's a breeze. They feasted of chicken wings when they were done. Then it was my turn. My job was to texture the walls and the ceiling. Completed 2 walls and 1/4 of the ceiling on Sunday, and finished the rest of the ceiling on Monday. Now I did the living room and dinning room in our current house but I have to save working over your head is hard work. I have new muscles in my shoulders barking at me that's for sure.

On another note, we made several trips to several Lowes over the weekend. More taping mud, paint, some electrical and kitchen lights. Please tell me someone else makes more trips to Lowes than we do. I think we are there everyday at least once at this point. Normally, we are much more organized than this.

Oh, and here are the new countertops with the stove and sink back in place. Did I tell you I just love my new counters?

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