Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Show Schedule Update

Circumstances have changed, show schedule has changed a bit. You won't find me at the CSN Fall Fun Fest this coming weekend.  However, I do encourage you to head out there and attend.  There will be lots of crafts from many local artists, along with concerts, carnival and more.  There will be trick or treating on Saturday afternoon as well.  It all takes place on the CSN campus at Charleston and Torrey Pines. 

Removing this show from my schedule left me feeling like I needed to replace it.  With that being said, you'll be able to find me at the Steve Powers Great Craft Festival at Cashman Center November 5-7.  Please come by and see me.  This is always a great event and I'm looking forward to being part of it once more.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Last weekend Timm and I drove to Reno to attend the McQueen HS Craft Faire.  It's a great show plus we get to see and visit with his brother and family while there.  It's just a great time all around.  Friday is a really long day, but we drove almost half of the distance in the dark.  It seems to go faster in the dark, maybe because you can't see landmarks.  Set up was easier this year and I was actually finished before the show opened.  Friday night sales were great.  Shoppers pay $10 on Friday evening...and the best strollers or children!  I think I would shop on Friday as well.  I missed seeing a couple of friends that night.  One had a family emergency, another came on Saturday.  Timm had never been there before and was amazed at how these gals shopped.  The whole weekend was good.  Sales were up from last year, the weather was pleasant, and customers were happy.   We tore down in record time thanks to Timm and the JROTC.  I always give them a genorous donation for their efforts.  Once again, the volunteer staff put on a wonderful event! 
John and his family are doing well.  The grandkids are growing like weeds.  Oh....they have puppies!  Eight springer spaniel puppies about 3 weeks old, talk about adorable!!!  They were just starting to wonder off the bed a little, and it's amazing how they pregressed in just 4 days.  It's a good thing they weren't old enough to bring home...Cassy would be jealous anyway. 
Well, two shows down, 4 to go for my season.  The next couple are easier ones, then the last one is a 4 day show in St. George.  I'll keep you updated.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Painting on Tin Tips

This morning Patricia at Creative Arts Lifestyle shared a great bunch of tips in her email and said we could share with, here you go my friends. 

Have you had these problems painting tin?
• Rusty Surface?
• What to Prime with?
• Chipped and Peeling Paint?
• Uneven Paint application?
• How to protect from chipping after it's finished?

Patricia Rawlinson has donned her Super-Painter Friend Cape
and will attempt to help you rescue your Tin prep in 5 easy steps!
(Dun Dun dun!) (Dramatic Music) ( I love doing that!)
Let's take a look at each of these one by one:

1: Rusty Surfaces:
Rust is a live substance, and will spread if not dealt with. Use Naval Jelly according to manufacturers directions.  This will deal with the rust. Then wash, DRY, sand, wipe of dust and Prime.

2. What to prime with?
Wipe on a coat of Multi-Surface Primer with a Varnish Sponge.
I use Deco Art (A girl after my own heart), but just remember to stay with in your brands to prevent complications.

3. Chipped and peeling Paint?
Mix some Multi-Purpose Sealer into your base coat - this helps the paint adhere.
And ALWAYS apply more than one basecoat.  If paint chips it chips in layers.

4. Uneven Basecoat application?
Using a spongy applicator is key here. 
I like to wipe on my tin basecoats with a Varnish Sponge or Foam Roller, not sure why but using a brush to apply a basecoat on Tin always leaves streaks.

5. To protect a piece of painted tin after it is painted, apply several coats of Varnish, and follow with a coat of Wax when the varnish is good and dry. Works like a Champ!

Well Super Painting Friends, Our work here is done,
(this must be read in a deep theatrical voice) (wink)

Always feel free to pass these tips along to other SUPER Painting Friends in need!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Next stop...Reno

Yup, that's right...the next stop on the Twiddlebugz tour 2010 will be in Reno at McQueen High School October 15-17.  We leave about 3:30am from Las Vegas and head out across the great, empty vastness known as the Nevada is a long uneventful drive with just a few towns to break up the view that never seems to change.  We'll hit Tonopah about sunrise and reach Reno in time for lunch.  After that, we'll set up at 1pm, the show opens at 5pm on Friday and runs through Sunday afternoon.  Timm is going with me this year.  This is a huge step for him and I'm glad he's coming.  I just hope he survives the trip.  He is bringing the propane smoker and ribs to cook for his brother's family while we're there.  He's looking forward to spending time with his brother, that's for sure. Come out to see me and lots of other creative and talented crafters at this event.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Successful Art in the Park

This year was a great year for us at Art in the Park.  Our booth was full of shoppers from early morning till we closed up each night.  There were happy shoppers everywhere you looked.  At times you couldn't even move I think.  It's what crafters dream of for their shows. 
This is part of our Christmas display.  It took up a third of our space.  Large items sold very well.  Lighted posts, ice skates, countdown blocks and painted screens were the best sellers.
Fall was an area stuffed full of lighted posts, pumpkins and more.   Sold all but one fall door.  It's funny how things sell in streaks.  Several people would purchase the same items right behind each other. 
We had a section for baby/children.  Autumn's bows always do very well.  As it got chilly on Sunday blankets sold well when people bought them to cover up babies in strollers.
We set up an everyday area out in front of the booth.  Even with a double space we were packed to the brim.  We were so please with the outcome of the event.  Despite the rain on Friday during set up, we got it all done.  Saturday was pretty humid (especially for us dry, desert people).  Sunday cooled off quite a bit, it rained some more, and shoppers were still smiling and enjoying themselves.  I love our space, it's protected from the wind, has shade, and space behind the booth.  I've already put in for the same space for next year.   Thanks to everyone who shopped with us, gave us words of encouragement, and more.  We appreaciate each and everyone of you!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's our anniversary

I look back and wonder where the time goes.  It's hard to believe that we've been married 28 years now.  We've had our ups and downs just like everyone else but pleased to say a lot more ups full of great memories, accomplishments, and joy. 
We've enjoyed our down to earth lifestyle...after it is the simple things in life that can bring the greatest pleasures.  Memories filled with camping, exploring, Scouting, and family...that is the best. 
I look ahead to the future knowing we will always be together.  We've thankful to both have wonderful families with parents that gave us great examples to live by.  I pray we do the same for our children.  Happy Anniversary honey...I will always love you!


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