Friday, September 12, 2008

Still Painting...

Yup, there is still painting going on in the house. Advance Pro is here for a second round of painting, they painted the dining/kitchen ceiling, Timm's room, sanded the inside of the frint door, painted it and the closet door. We've also been painting, and we will be painting again tomorrow. We will all be glad when it's done. The whole inside of the house except the bathroom will have been painted at that point.

I wish I could tell you I'm painting my crafts but I can't. I did however cut some wood today, the first time in months and months. Got inspired and went to my parent's house, braved the heat in the shop (110 degrees), it was a beautiful, cooler day here in Las Vegas by the way, and cut some Halloween pieces I drew up last night. I think they will be cute...ah, spooky, well definitely quirky. Too hot to sand over there though, I'll do that in the morning. Hope to get them done this weekend also.

Was going to go quad riding Saturday afternoon and evening with the ATV club but there is just too much to get done around here right now. So sorry Nelson for not making it. We owe you.

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