Saturday, September 6, 2008

Doggy Drama on Set Up Day

Well I went to set up my booth for the Harvest Festival on Thursday. You know, if I have 4 hours to set up it will take me 4 hours, on Thursday I had 12 hours soooo, yeah...almost 12 hours to set up. Now stop right my defence I had some distractions and drama that occupied some time. My little girl, Cassy (my yellow lab) wasn't feeling well. She was eating grass, yakking it back up (YUCK) and kept wanting out during the night. So hey, I figured I would drop my trailer off back at home instead of parking it in the back parking lot and check on her at the same time. I get home and no one comes to the gate to greet me...wierd. I pull thru the gate, close it and pull into the yard and there is my little girl holding down Freckles. Now she will do that when the Freckles and Shelby are playing tug of war, Cassy will get in the middle of things and hold Freckles down...why I don't know. But no one is playing around. Anyway, when I get into the house I notice there are drops of blood on the floor....what the heck?! Cassy is okay, but Shelby (my son's dog) is bleeding. Her ear is ripped wide open and slashed. Apparently she and Rosco (he's our bloodhound) got into it right before I got home. So I end up running her to the vet, he's not sure he can save her whole ear...OMG...and will need to have surgery. Anyway, here she is $800+ dollars later, her ear is stitched up. Vet is pretty sure she can keep her whole ear, didn't look like the blood flow was comprimised too much but won't know for sure for a week or so.
Poor thing, she came home half sedated and drooly 'cuz my son didn't want to leave her there. She has a compression bandage around her head and ear, and needs to wear her cone for 2 weeks. My son cut the edge of her cone, he didn't think she could get to her food and water bowls.
So, back to the show. After leaving the dog at the vet, I went to pick up some fixtures for my booth, spend too much on them and make it back to the show to finish setting up. Now, my cell phone won't ring for days it seems but that day I must of had a dozen or more calls between my son and hubby. Mostly about the dog, when I will be home and how long it is taking me to set up. GEEEZ! Now I've done craft shows for 25 years now but this one I was feeling very intimidated about....don't know why but I was. I felt like a small fish in a big sea, I'm not normally like that. I'm sure I'll feel better about once it's started.

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Mary-Berth said...

Oh My Goodness! I hope that all the puppies are doing well. I did not know that you had a bloodhound. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bloodhounds.
Your booth looks awesome. I tried to make it over there this weekend, but I had the yard sale, and it left me exhausted.

Hope you did spectacularly,


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