Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finished dollies & Etsy listings

Well, I finally got the clothing done for all the new dollies last night. One decided she only wanted pants, one is dressed all in pink and will make a wonderful gift or decoration for Valentines Day (hint, hint). One is even holding an electric candle. All my stuff isn't moved yet so accessories and props are pretty limited right now...hence I sewed up the stars and the hearts.

Here are some close up fews. They even have toes.
Heck, I even dressed this little gal, she's only had bloomers for a couple of years. She was tucked in a bag in the closet. So sad.
Oh, got some items listed on Etsy today also. Please stop by and take a peek. There may even be something you might just have to never know. All these new beauties are on there also just waiting to be adopted. :)

Put some clothes on!

All you naked dollies put your clothes on! Oops, I don't have clothes yet. Better get to work on that. They are cute little things though. I think I like the brunette best. This is as far as I got over the weekend.

Instead of grinding tree stumps and doing laundry (at my son's house...the pump went out on the washer Thursday) and other chores, we ran away for the day to Cedar City. Gosh, I love it up there. Picked up Chris' ATV parts, got some awesome fabric at Ace/Ben Franklin, made a few more stops at some of my favorite places, enjoyed lunch at Lupita's and made ourt way back home. It was a whirlwind trip and back home by 3pm. Timm was still able to finish the stump grinding.

We did make take a scenic detour in Mesquite. Saw some waterfowl at the golf course pond, even a majestic. Cassy wanted out...can you tell by the photo. But alas, we didn't want the other folks feeding the duck and geese to be mad at us when Cassy took off after the birds and we didn't want wet dog in the back seat all the way home. She does enjoy traveling though I have to admit.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bargain of the day

Now I normally check Craig's List twice a day...why, who knows. Something may be calling my name you never know. Anyway, today I found the best bargain in a long time. I bought a 10x10 canapy for craft shows and 3 folding aluminum tables. What a deal. I could have used 2 canapies at Art in the Park. I ended up picking up a sport canapy from WallyWorld that was olive green. This is much better. The tables can always be used somewhere, for parties, and camping trips. I love a bargain!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally working on some stuff

Yup, started working on some stuff this week. This morning I am sewing up a few small dolls, and I mean small. They are only about 6" tall when complete, they are one of Shawnette's patterns. I wanted to get something completed today, so we'll see. I need to go to the store and buy some new scissors, mine have been in the kitchen and have been used for other stuff. Now they are no good for fabric, just paper at this point. Guess I get some when Cassy goes to the vet today.
Cut and painted up some sign boards this week too. It's been so nice out lately I just felt the need to get out there and get some basecoating complete. We are due for some rain so I'm glad I did that earlier this week.
Have been crocheting an afghan lately too. I do that at night while watching TV. It's difficult for me to just watch TV, normally am doing something else too or curled up under a blanket.
Promise, I will post a picture of my completed dolls and afghan. It's turning out quite lovely.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A good day

There have been lots of good days, but today was a good day. Started off with good hair...which is surprising since I have a hair cut later this week. Enjoyed lunch with some friends today, talked about crafts and more. Had a doctors appointment, just okay, my numbers still need to come down...but making progress. Stopped at my favorite thrift store and found a few bargains. Stocked up on sponge brushes...they are on sale 20/$1.00. I bought 200! It's the best deal of the year. Finally got a date for my hysterectomy so I can plan my life again. I think that was the best part of my day. Not as soon as I'd like it to be but I will take it. It's kinda cloudy today with a chance of rain tonight...good night for a fire and snuggling under a blanket. Now if only the dinner fairy would show up it would be fabulous!

Monday, January 19, 2009

All is well

What a whirl wind week it has been. But I'm glad to say all is well. I've been getting ready for our open house, attending doctor appointments and meetings, and helping out my mom as well. She had her gall bladder removed on Friday. The doc said it was text book surgery...that is good I'm told, no complications, wierd stuff, etc. Mom totally goes off the deep end thinking she won't wake up from the anethesia. The surgery part gets her a little but the anethesia is her big thing. To top it off she's reallyy allergic to many medications. Anyway, we sat in the waiting room all Friday morning, I crocheted squares, and she went home that day. So far so good, she even came to our open house the next day.

Saturday was the open house...finally. It seems I've been getting ready forever. The valances in the kitchen and dining room got finished, hung the curtains in the kitchen to block the washer and dryer from view, washed and waxed the floors, washed the windows, swept and vacuumed for the billionth time, baked 3 batches of cookies, 8 loaves of pumpkin bread, prepped more food than we needed....breathe will all be fine...and it was.

It's just overwhelming. We've worked so hard (especially Timm during construction phase) to make changes and make this home ours...not his mom's home. Timm's brother John and his wife, Rhonda surprised us and came in from Reno. It was a real treat to have them here. His sister even came, I was shocked...and pleased. (She didn't want us to change anything) It was a relief to hear others compliment what has been done. I know it was a huge relief and very satisfying for Timm to get the approval of his family...afterall, they grew up in this house. They even liked all the trees not being in the front yard. Anyway, here are a few photos of the house...enjoy.

You can view photos of the tree cutting and more at my other blog

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Open House

Wow, can I just tell you that time is just flying by me. We've been working on the house trying to get a list of things done arund here for our open house. It's this Saturday! YIKES! I got my sewing machine moved into the house and finally got to use it after what seems like months. Still have to get lots of other sewing related items moved in but at least the machine is here. There is great comfort in that to me...I don't know why.

The first thing to be sewn since it moved was the valance pieces for the kitchen and dining room. I did them yesterday and got them hung. They look awesome, and match the living room curtains. I have enough material left to make a smaller one for the window on the kitchen door. Next is to hang the ones in the kitchen that will disguise the washer and dryer. But alas, the drill is charging so it will have to wait.

Timm and a bunch of friends have spent 3 days cutting down the trees in the front yard. Eleven fruitless mulberries have been taken down, we left four of them in front of the house. Big thanks to all of them, what great friends they are. We've saved most of the big stuff and have a huge...I mean HUGE pile of limbs in the front yard that will be removed, chipped and turned into mulch on Wednesday. I'm having a hard time with it but know that new landscaping can not happen without them being gone. A dry river bed, some desert type trees that don't drink so much and some other landscaping will be on the agenda this spring.

Christmas has been put away, for the most part. The rest will need to be done by Friday. I'd like to pull some Spring items out for the open house but that is on the bottom of the list. Maybe even some with some price tags on them...hmmm...a few sales would be nice. It may need to move up a few places.

The house is coming together nicely, photos are finally going up on the walls. The main living room wall has a temporary piece of art on it at the moment, what I'd like to have I am still searching for. I know what I want, just need to find it.

You may not hear from me until after open house but I promise photos at that point. Wish me luck that I get through it and don't panic over some stupid little thing that doesn't really matter. I know I can do that sometimes.

P.S. I added a couple of pieces to my Esty shop if your interested. I know...I need to get lots more on there.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008...a year in revue

As I look back I can thankfully say I'm glad 2008 is over. There wasn't much normal about it for us at the Martin home. Timm's mom fell in January and suffered from a broken hip. She never came home and passed in March. My Grandma passed away just a day later. She died unexpectedly. I had both knees operated on in March...on my birthday. We ripped up carpet, textured and painted walls and the ceiling, layed laminate flooring and more in the house during this period also.

Scott and Christy were married Mother's Day weekend at the Valley of Fire. It was an awesome day! I did the flowers, we made a cup cake wedding cake, and shopped for the wedding dress with Christy along with the rest of the planning that goes into a wedding.

With a short time to breathe I crafted like a mad woman trying to get ready for fall shows.

In August, we went on our first Alaska. It was the most awesome experience! The weather was perfect everyday. We stopped in Juneau, rode the tram to the top of the mountain, panned for gold and enjoyed dinner at the Salmon bake. In Skagway, we took the bus into the Yukon, rode ATV's in the world's smallest desert, had a great BBQ lunch, and took the train back into Skagway. We ventured into Glacier Bay National Park, saw the glaciers calf as well as see the mountains on a gorgeous day with blue skies. Ketchikan was our last stop, there we went crabbing, enjoyed a crab feast, and spent some time shopping. We shipped out of Vancouver, Canada, there were enjoyed a bus tour of the city.

We hit the ground running to work on the house. We bought Timm's family home and property. Papers were incorrect and we had to wait until after the cruise to sign...again. We had ripped out the carpet and torn down the ceiling in the living room before we left for the cruise. Timm, his brother Bill, and a co-worker, Joe put up a new ceiling. I textured the ceiling and a couple of the walls. A ceiling is hard work by the way. Paint choices were not quite right the first time so back to Lowes...again. I swear I was there everyday for 2 months, sometimes several times a day. They know Cassy at this point. We had new counters installed. They are the coolest thing you've ever seen...petrified river bed. I have to admit I was a total brat at the warehouse when they didn't have it in stock, I had made up my mind that was what I wanted and nothing else would do. They lots of gorgeous stuff, just no what I wanted. We also had oak flooring put in...after much distress about the floors not being level. I must say the floor guys were prima donnas. They installed it the second time they were here.

We moved into our new home on our 26th anniversary, October 1st. Most of the house is complete but there is still work that continues. We haven't even started on the master bath.

We did make it to a few campouts this year. In January, we retreated from the chaos and went to Tecopa, exploring mines and more near Dumont Dunes. Memorial Day took us to Gap Mountain NV. Good times were had riding our ATV's through the worst rain we've ever encountered. June took us to Hatch UT. Always great riding there. Thanksgiving weekend, we went back to Tecopa with friends. There were a couple of day rides in between also. Fuel prices played a large part in the number of places and how far away we went along with a lack of time.

My craft shows were numbered this year. I added a few new ones, dropped a couple of old ones, started my own with a friend, traveled to Utah, Reno, and California (for the first time). I was the Vice President of the Las Vegas Crafters Guild also. Things are changing, some not by choice but I look forward to regrouping and preparing for 2009. I don't know what it will bring with the economy the way it is...but does anybody really know? I just pray a lot about it.


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