Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What a difference a year makes!

Disclaimer:  These knees are not pretty.

I know its not good for a person but I used to eat Tylenol and Advil like it was candy to get through my days.  I tried to not let my knees hold me back from what I wanted to do...and for the most part I think I did a really good job at that.  I still was a super busy person...floral work, craft shows and classes, holiday window painting, camping, ATV riding, BBQ contests, water aerobics, walk Cassy, everyday stuff...the list goes on.  The day I pulled into the Michael's parking lot and didn't get out of the car I knew I'd met my limits.  I just sat in my car and cried...I felt truly defeated.  
A new round of X-rays showed that there was no cartilage left, my knees were bone-on-bone.  No wonder every movement was painful.  

 One year ago today I hobbled into the hospital for a double knee replacement.  It had been a 15 year process to get to that point for me.  I have been through years and years of cortisone shots every three months, I tried the gel shots...they worked for about a year to 15 months, and 3 rounds of arthroscopic surgery on my knees.  
I was actually excited for this.  Seriously, kinda weird I know.  Who in the right mind would be excited to have surgery on both knees at the same time?  Me!
I spent 10 days in the hospital and rehab.  I really didn't want to go to rehab but am so glad I did.  It was worth the extra time away from home.  I spent 8 hours a day on the CPM machines, occupational therapy, physical therapy and exercise.  I came home and spent another 3 weeks on the CPM machines for 8 hours a day.  I had a great home care nurse that came everyday and a physical therapist that pushed me.  
This is what they look like today.  
I got clearance to do pretty much whatever I want to do from Dr. Bradford in January.  In May, we went to Moab, Utah for a week of ATV riding and exploring.  I even hiked about 3 miles...a huge deal and success for me!  We spent Labor Day riding and exploring the Paiute Trail from Marysvale, Utah.  What a great time.  
Barbecue contests and catering have been sooo much more enjoyable.  Turn-ins are not something I dread now.  I look forward to doing more very soon.
I just finished up my three largest craft shows and I have to say what a difference a year makes.  It was like comparing day and night in the way that I felt during and when they were complete. 

I feel blessed to be able to have both knees replaced.  It is a life changing event for me. I've had a great support system behind me with my hubby, parents, and friends and family.  I continue to go to my water aerobics class, its so good for me.  We've bought bikes and ride 3-4 nights a week...Cassy has even learned to trot along beside me.  We even look forward to it.  
I would recommend having knee replacements for anyone that is considering it.  I also highly recommend my orthopedist, Dr. Michael Bradford.  He's amazing!  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Successful Year at Art in the Park

Gosh, I still feel like I'm recovering from Art in the Park.  It was a gorgeous weekend and the crowds came out in droves and were ready to shop. 
We filled our booth with tons of crafts including wreath, posts, blocks and lots of other great handmade items. 
We refilled the booth each morning with new stock and the end of each day it looked like a tornado went through it. 
Big thanks go out to my niece, Samantha who cam out to set up on Friday; to Diane's daughter who spent part of Friday and part of Saturday with us setting up and selling; and to my niece, Amanda who spent Sunday with us selling and tearing down.  Also big thanks to my hubby, Timm; my son Scott and his wife, Christy.  They all tore down Sunday evening and lugged stuff up the hill to the trailer...I owe you guys dinner. 
Samantha and I finished our Friday set up with lunch at the Southwest Diner.  We finished lunch with warm pie with ice cream.  MMMMMMMM
Thanks to all who shopped with us...we appreciate all of you. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pumpkin window painting

I don't too many windows for fall but the Southwest Diner in Boulder City always has me do their's up for Fall. 
They do a really cute job of decorating the outside of their building.
I tend to paint really large items so its easily seen as a person drives by.  Too many small items can just look cluttered.
They like to keep them up until it's time or snowmen so its just jacks. 
They have outdoor dining so this is one busy door.  It takes a while with all the interruptions.  
P.S.  They have really good home-style food.  I highly recommend them.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A little more detail...

 I bought these reindeer at the gift market...I just fell in love with them.  But as much as I loved them they still needed to little touch of Twiddlebugz to them.  
This is the before and after of what I did to them.  I always have to repaint the eyes, regardless of where the piece comes from.  I just like more detail.  
I added more line details, made his smile bigger, and some high lights...and the eyes of course.  
I really liked them before...but now I love them!
I'll have them at the next craft show. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Loving Deco Mesh

I have been crushing on deco mesh wreaths working with it.  
Well, deco mesh and ribbon that it is...I love ribbon. 
Here are a couple designs done in different colors so you can see just how different they can look. 
I'm totally crushing on the whole black and white theme of this wreath.
Same design with this one, except purple mesh and a reverse print on the polka dot ribbon.  Amazing how different they can look.  
Another black and white wreath with an orange jack-o-lantern with light up eyes.  
A great fall wreath with metal punkin and leaves. 
Halloween is so much fun to create.  Can you tell I love polka dots too.  
Lots of fun metal and wood pieces were used to create these wreaths. 
Most of these wreaths sold at my first show, but rest assured, I am creating more for the next one. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Time for the Harvest Festival!

Woo Hoo!  It's the first craft show of the season...the Harvest Festival is coming to Las Vegas this weekend, Sept 5-7!  This show brings lots of excitement for vendors and customers alike.  

Don't forget to bring your discount coupon or non perishable food donation for Safe Nest to receive $2 off your entry fee.  The Country Register has a discount coupon on the cover, the newspaper has been running coupons as well.  

I've seen TV commercials every morning this last week and this week during the news on Channel 8.  Billboards are up too.  Let's hope it brings in lots of excited buyers.  

This year, I sucked it up and spent the money to get a double booth so I can feature Christmas as well as Harvest and Halloween.  With that being said...please...come shop with us!  We've moved locations within the show to do this, you can find us on the first row in space 128. 

The show will be at Cashman Center and runs Friday and Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday 10 to 5.
We'll see you there!

Monday, August 4, 2014

2014 Craft Fair Schedule

So far this is where I will be selling my wares.  
More will be added I'm sure.
Did you see the last one...yup...taking a leap of faith and having one here at my studio/workshop.


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