Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Easy Cleaning Tip

I spoke with my mom this morning.  She said she was going to clean the grates on the stove.  A pumice stick is what she uses and made the comment that it takes hours to clean them.  I gave her this tip...which I thought I had years ago...apparently not. 
Spray your  stove top grates and your oven racks with "Easy Off", place in a large black plastic garbage bag, tie it up, throw it outside on the lawn to 'bake' in the sun.  After 30-45 minutes, open the bag and spray them off with the hose...TA-DA!!!  Shiny, like new oven racks and stove top grates. 
Mom called me at work today because she was so excited about how well it worked...not to mention all the time it saved her. 
Thought you might like this handy little hint as well.

Monday, March 7, 2011

NASCAR Weekend

You just gotta love it when NASCAR comes to Vegas.  The car hauler parade down the strip, meet and greets with the drivers, special appearances at various locations...the list goes on.  Once again, I spent the weekend in the infield selling ice to happy RVers with my friend, Liz.  It's long hours but tons of fun...literally, tons...I think we moved several tons of ice this weekend. 
The people staying on the infield and in the various lots outside the track start rolling in on Monday before the race.  It's amazing, the race track becomes it's own little city...okay, big city.  The people on the inside of the track are the ones we take care of.  Liz and I are in charge of making the rounds and selling ice to all these happy people.  Some of them have set-ups that will astound you.  They form little compounds with their friends, forming horseshoes of RVs with their gatherings in the center.  They set up canopies, tables, campfires, grills, bars, sound systems, and more.  They decorate with all kinds of stuff including NASCAR stuff from cardboard cut-outs of their favorite drivers, banners, flags, plants, lights, posters, and more.  They are there to have a good time. 
 RV rooftops are transformed into gathering places to watch the race.  Chairs, stools, coolers, people all on top of the RV's to get a better few of the race.   
We had a beautiful weekend, so ice sales were up.  They kept us busy for sure.  We heard the call, "Ice Lady!" countless times, some even called us "the ice fairies".  They were always happy to see us. 
I look forward to bonding with happy RV race fans again next year. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

20th Anniversary for Creative Painting Convention

WOW!  Time flies when you're having true.  I can't believe it.  The Creative Painting Convention is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year!  It's moved back to the Tropicana Hotel now that they've completed their renovations.  Creative people from all over the world...seriously...are gathering right now to share their passion for decorative painting.  Classes, discussions, make it-take its, demos, and shopping are here for your hearts desire. 
I've had the pleasure to teach and have a trade show booth at this fabulous event in the past.  I've met and become friends with several of my favorite designers.  It's good to see them each year.  Did you know I met Frank Bielic?  Yup, he had a booth the same year I had my first booth at the show.  What a character he is.  You just gotta love him.  Many of our leading and well know painting designers will be there once again.  Priclla Hauser, Donna Dewberry, Sue Sheewe (ok, I know that's not spelled right), Shara Reiner, Laurie Speltz, and more. 
This is a photo from last year, but you'll find me, and my BFF Diane there shopping to our hearts content stocking up on supplies, patterns, books, and more again this year.  The trade floor is open Wed, Thurs, and Friday begining at 9am.  See you there!
Oh, I almost is the link to the Creative Painitng website.  Creative Painting Convention

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is National Craft Month

That's right!  What could be better than a whole month dedicated to what I love to do the most.  Almost nothing!  Soooooo....what crafting plans to you have this month?  Do you have unfinished projects you'd like to get completed?  Would you like to try a new craft?  Maybe beading, polymer clay, or floral design.  Oooo, I want to take a painting class....yeah, that's the ticket.  How about gathering up your girlfriends for a craft night at your home.  That would be a great time for everyone!  What ever it is you want to do, set aside a couple of hours to do it.  Who knows, it could become a new creative passion in your life. 

What am I going to do?  The list is long. 
*  I want to sort though my completed inventory, box and label it so I won't be all unorganized this fall.  
*  I would like to gather a few friends for a craft night (or day).  Interested?
*  I am planning on donating excess crafting supplies to a local school or two for their art or afterschool program.   I know....I could really supply more places than that according to my hubby. 
*  I want to update my Etsy and Artfire sites with some new items that are in the works. 
*  I want to spread the love of crafting and the joy, relaxation, and satisafaction it brings to others.
*  I will be attending the Creative Painting Convention in Las Vegas!!!!   Love the trade floor!
*  I would like to get some ideas onto paper for some new patterns.
*  Paint!  I want to paint!
*  Cut wood.  I love the smell of sawdust.
*  I want to make a career out of crafting and sharing it with others.
*  Get my show applications completed and turned in.
*  Start putting tutorials on my know, this one you're reading right now.  ;o)

Okay, I think I need to stop for a moment and breathe....I'm getting too excited.  hehe 


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