Saturday, December 26, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Okay, a day late and a dollar short but the tree and decorations are about to come down so I wanted to share a few more of them with you.  This little reindeer sits on the corner of the door trim.  He's my own design.  I actually made a whole series of the corner huggin' critters. 

Another reindeer favorite is the simple but sweet guy I bought at a craft show several years ago.  He look so cute lit up.

I bought this nativity piece this year from a gal I know.  It actually has a star that should hang above it but it didn't fit on the mantle with it.  I also have an awesome nativity I painted many years ago with Gaye Shoell.  It's all cut from chunky wood and every color is toned down with burnt umber.  It's just beautiful but I can't find the picture of it.  Another day I guess.

Anyway, just wanted to share a few more pieces with you before they all get put away for another year. 

Christmas Day 2009

Merry Christmas from the girls!  They dressed up just for you!  Really it took us three nights to get this picture...and it wasn't the girls fault, my camera was blurry for some reason. 
We had an enjoyable Christmas eve with my family, and Christmas morning with Timm's family.  Timm and I hosted both events at our home, normally breakfast is at his brother's home.  I wanted everything to be perfect and stressed myself out over it...for was all perfect!  We smoked a couple of briskets for 12 hours for our Chirstmas Eve celebration along with jalepeno poppers, sausage balls, stuffing, and more. 
Christmas morning was gorgeous and sunny so we got to use our new dining hall for breakfast.  It worked out really well, the guys even started up a campfire in the pit.  Sidepork, biscuits and gravy, sausage, egg casserole, fuit salad, and cinnamon pull-aparts were eagerly devoured by all.  It's a Martin family tradition.

Presents were exchanged along with laughter, hugs, friendship and family time.  Bill (shown in the middle) enjoyed his 2nd day off this month.  He's been working at City Center...busy, busy, busy for their opening this month. 

Later in day, we headed over to my sister's home for dinner with our family and the in-laws.  Everything was delicious but we were all so stuffed we never made it to dessert...or the movies.  I think we all suffered from food  Just enjoyed a quite, peaceful evening back at home. 

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the time spent with family and friends along with the magic of the season.  The magic of Christmas is not in the presents, it's in His presence. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Wishes for You!

Sending best wishes to each of you for Christmas. 
Stay warm, be kind, give to others, share the joy of the season, enjoy family and friends,
feel the magic of Christmas in your hearts.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

It's been a couple of weeks and I really want to get back to Show & Tell Friday.  I've been up to my ears baking this week, the tree was actually decororated last week.  Here are a few of my favorite ornaments.  The elf is a Gaye Shoell piece I did in one of her all her stuff...and I have lots of it.  Well, less than I used to have.  When Cassy was a puppy she got under the bed and chewed the up some of my larger pieces...I love her anyway.  The icicle snowman is an original piece of mine that will be a pattern next year.  I stocked up on the vintage spindle so I'll plenty to make for next year.
I'm not a real nutcracker fan but I just adore this old man sking.  I painted two of them for Timm and myself one year.  I think the boys got toy soldier nutcrackers that year too for their ornaments.  Anyway, I think its the drybrushing that picks up the details that I really like about him. You can see the back of him in the next photo.  Hey look, a Prim Mart ornie swap piece in the background.

I absolutley love all my Debbie Mitchell ornaments.   I have a bunch of them, probably 20 or more, I've never ever really counted them.  Lots of details in their clothes and layers to their fur.  That is what makes them so awesome.  I still have about a 100 or so wood blanks to paint of many of these little year...I've been saying that for years now.  Wow, a nylon soft sculpture stocking girl...that's an old one.  I like the polar bear wrapping a present too...Rebecca Carter design I do believe.
I bought this icicle Santa years ago from Juanita Denton at the craft show at Nellis Air Force Base.  It tried to buy a piece from her each year.  Her work is so incredible.  The cute snowman head is super glittery (although it doesn't show up that way) and is from the Prim Mart ornie swap a couple of years ago.  I've missed the last couple of them...lots of work but you get some really cool ornies in exchange for yours.  Well, these are just a few of my favorites.  More to follow in a few days.
You know, it's just like the Hallmark commercial with the people reminisicing about their ornies, the memories and more...only all the ones on our tree are handmade.  I know each and every one of them is full of love.  I relinquished Scott's ornaments to him this year, it was harder for me to do than I figured it would be.  He's 25 and married now and I made him Boy Scout promise that he would take care of them with the utmost care...or I'm taking them back.  Chris doesn't get to keep his yet...just borrow them for his tree...I still have many of his on our tree too.  I can't give up the paper ones their made in preschool and grade school, those are mine. I continue this tradition for all the nieces and nephews in my family each year.  I hope they will all treasure theirs for years to come.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Craft Show Season is Over

Finished up my last craft show today.  It was a cold, rainy day.  As much as I love to craft, create and sell my work to others, and see the joy in their faces I must say, I am glad the season is over. This has been a long, hard season for us crafters...well, for me anyway.  Sales have been down for the most part but there is still that feeling deep down inside that urges me to keep moving forward.  I started this season behind the eight ball with not enough stock and tried to play catch up all the way through.  Would my friends and family just kick me in the butt and get me moving much earlier next year please.
I'll be listing much of what is left on Etsy and Artfire over the next week so please check them out...still some great stuff.  There are a few orders to complete and there are still a few things I want to get done for myself.  But, for the moment, I will be sleeping in tomorrow, cleaning my house, catching up on laundry, and more.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Window Painting Opportunity

Thanks to my good friend, Liz I had the opportunity to paint the 12 Short Line Express convience stores.  Chris and I covered the valley bringing cheer to the stores.After some research on U-Tube I figured out how to streamline my painting process and boy did that make a difference.  Besides, I think the window washers will appreciate a simpler process as well.
Chris was my apprentice for the job and he did a great job as well as being extremely helpful.  I certainly appreciated and enjoyed the 2 days I spent with him on this job.  We did pretty well and make a good team.
Everyone loves a snowman.  The comments and reactions from customers was very really seemed to make their day to see the decorated windows.  The little kids have the best reactions and to see the smiles on their faces was priceless.

Holiday Windows in Boulder City

This year I had the opportunity to paint windows for Momma Ford's and the Southwest Diner in Boulder City.  I had done some sign painting for Cindy previously and was glad to work with her some more.  Snowmen were the theme for the bakery and then just some holly for the diner so it didn't distract from the fun display she already had.  I think they turned out pretty good but I still need to find a way to streamline my work.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What a fun, chaotic, loud, fabulous weekend we had for Thanksgiving this year.  As you know, we went to Timm's brother, John's house in Washoe Valley (between Reno and Carson City).  There were 36 of us there!  There were a handfull missing from the festivities, we missed them.  Thanksgiving Day could not have been more beautiful, the weather was perfect...okay for us Vegas folks,  maybe a few degrees warmer.  Here is the whole gang after we stuffed ourselves.

Timm fried up 3 turkeys and Rhonda roasted one in the oven.  I carved up the fried turkeys, made some stuffing, the gravy and some turkey soup, oh yeah, and I brought cinnamon rolls for the day after so everyone could have breakfast when they pleased.  I have to say, we were busy little beavers in the kitchen.  Sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, rolls, cornbread stuffing too were just some of the delightful fixin's we chowed down on.  If you've never had fried turkey you just don't know what you're missing out on.

After the group shot every family had their photos taken in the backyard.  Here is our family (Timm, Chris, Scott, Christy, and Crystal).  We might have to put this one in Christmas cards this year...who knows (so be surprised if you see it please).  Scott took some really cool pictures of everyone, he's become quite the photographer.

Christy and I were the only girls that didn't lose our minds shopping on Black Friday.  Instead, our family chose to go up to Lake Tahoe for the day.  It was beautiful but breezy and chilly when we got up there.  This is at Zephor Cove.  Notice the storm coming in over the mountains.

As we made our way around the lake the storm clouds dropped onto the water and before we knew it was starting to snow.  An awesome sight (especially for us) but made picture taking difficult.  I would like to go on record and say that the road is very narrow with almost no guard rails...and I really think there should be in many places.  We drive a very large truck so it kept Timm on his toes paying attention to the road, snow, and us asking to stop at every point possible...which by the way, most were closed for the season.  We finally found a place to stop and walk down to the lake.  It is just so pretty!  There were even redwood trees at this location, how awesome is that!  Finally, we made our way over to Truckee (super big snowflakes there), had lunch, hopped onto I-80 and headed back into Reno.  We stopped at Cabela's, that's a pretty cool place if you ever get a chance to visit, then back to Washoe Valley to call it a full day.  This is an adorable photo of Christy.  She was so happy to be in the snow...she is from Minnesota after all. 

The snow followed us back to the house, making all the little kids go they weren't wound up enough from just being all together.  We were supposed to leave bright and early the next morning but the roads were icy so we hung out for a few more hours before heading back to Vegas.  What a gorgous site it was!  We actually had snow on the ground for the next 2 1/2 hours of the drive.  We all made it home safe and sound; tired, but grateful we were able to spend the holiday with family.  It was a wonderful experience that we'll all remember with great fondness for years to come. 


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