Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Art and Craft Show in Las Vegas

This is a new show in the Las Vegas area that started last month.  It's located on the west side of the valley near Alta and Rampart at the Suncoast Casino.  It is a monthly event that just began this summer.  
I will be at the August 30 market date as a jump start to my fall craft show season.  Please stop by to visit, shop, and see all the vendors and then be sure to stop by and see me too.  I'll have painted items for school and fall along with some of my killer deco mesh wreaths.
Below is an article from the newspaper on the event.  Its a great review and Vegas really needs some good crafting events on a regular basis.
Oh, and just about the cutest munchkin ever...Alex, our grandson.  He's 5 days old in this photo.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Busy with BBQ and Wedding Flowers

Spring has been very good to us here at the Martin home.
Trailhound Smokers BBQ has been busy with catering and drop off orders, along with some pick ups. The pit has been more than busy and full.  Thank you's go out to Advanced Pro, Martin Harris, Coronado HS Band, Canyon Ridge Church, First Congregational Church, and more.  We hope y'all have had full bellies of delicious barbecued food when you left your events.

Flowers have also kept me's wedding season before it gets hot here in Vegas.  

Yes, it's been busy around here...and we truly appreciate all the support.  

We're Grandparents!

 I'm excited to say that Timm and I are now grandparents to this adorable little man!
Alexander Scott Martin
I had my friend from Sara Ford Fotos come over and take a photo session at 5 days old.  Oh my
about cuteness!  I could hardly stand it.

Grandpa and Alex, 7 days old.  
I took a few photos with my phone during the photo shoot.  I love this one. 
So precious!
He was born on July 23 via c-section after a very long day.  I am happy to say Momma and baby are doing is Daddy.  Congrats Chris and done good.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

It's a three day weekend and the kick off of summer activities for most of us.  But remember the real reason you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends camping, grilling, and more.  
American soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our liberties and freedoms we all enjoy.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring BBQ Update

What a fantastic weekend!  The weather was perfect, the barbecue was a huge success and most importantly...a bunch of money was raised for K9s for Warriors. 
Thanks to all our friends and familythat came out to help and make this event so special. 
No one...and I mean no one went home hungry, in fact many went home with boxes. 
I donated 2 wreaths for the silent auction. 
If you'd like to read more about this event, hop on over the Trailhound Smokers BBQ blog to see more photos and how much money was raised for K9s for Warriors.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We're 'Cueing for a Cause

Please join us...if you can't make it, consider donating via our event page
But we'd love for you come on over, eat some championship barbecue and donate to K9sforWarriors with us on March 14.
Be sure to check out this great organization and the amazing work they are doing!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last trip of the year...train ride.

Timm's office closes down between Christmas and New Year's....not a lot going on in the world of construction at that point.  I hate to waste that PTO time doing nothing so we headed to Arizona to ride the Verde Canyon Railroad in Clarkdale.

We saw 3 bald eagles...or the same one three

The engines unhook and attach to the caboose for the return trip. 
Curved tunnel on the route.


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