Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Our stop in Skagway was the longest of all the ports of call. We spent most of our day out of town on an 8 hour bus/train tour into the Yukon and back. Our bus driver was from Ogden, Utah but had been going up there for about 5 years driving bus tours. She knew the area and lots of the history of the area. Our bus ride took us over the Continental Divide into Canada through Bristish Columbia and into the Yukon. Had lots of stops to view some of the most beautiful scenery ever. Photos just don't do it justice.

Our farthest stop was Caribou Crossing and Carcross. There we were able to ATV (yes, we just had to ATV in the Yukon!) in the worlds smallest desert, Carcross Desert. Yup, Guiness Book of World Records certified it. It reminded me of Coral Pink Sand Dunes...but not pink. Trees grow out of the sand in both. They also offered dog sled rides there. Cute little Husky puppies loved to get treats and attention there too, who could resist their cute little faces. The folks that own the place are taxidermists. They have pieced together the best specimen of a wooly mammoth in the world. The museum in London has been trying to purchase it for years with no success. Included in the tour was a yummy BBQ lunch with homemade donuts for dessert. Just a few miles back down the road is Carcross. This is the point where goldrush prospectors had to build boats to get accross Lake Bennett to reach the Yukon Goldrush.

We boarded the train in Frasier, British Columbia to head back to Skagway. The train had been beautifully refurbished. We passed through some awesome scenery and part of the railway is actually built over the Chilcoot Trail that lead to the Goldrush. Lots of history in the area. As we arrived back in town the railway was next to the creek, and the salmon were running. Holy moly, are the huge! These are the pink salmon, there are 5 types of salmon. There were seals in the harbor feeding on the salmon since they gather up to use the fish ladder, makes for wasy pickin's.

We had time to shop in Skagway. I found the local quilt shop and got my craft fix for the day...running my fingers through bolts of fabric....ahhhhh. Made it quick though, I didn't want to over indulge and cause a problem.

I also had to take a few pictures in town, among them is the statue honoring the prospectors of then 1898 goldrush. This building is covered in driftwood, over 5000 pieces. I thought it was interesting.


Ruth said...

Ok, now I know why Scott wants to do a cruise to Alaska. BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like you guys had a great time and I'm so glad you got to go. The house is looking mighty fine too. Dang, you're just a busy little thing, aren't you? See you this weekend.

robbie said...

Hey Crystal,
Just thought I'd visit your blog finally!
I have the same picture by the YUKON sign, but with me and Brince! Isn't Alaska amazing? It's my #1 favorite vacation (even over Europe!). Absolutely gorgeous.

Good luck at the show this weekend!!!


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