Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our craft show was a hit!

It's been a long 5 days but it was worth it. Our first Show & Tell Crafters Market is now under our belt and we can breathe...just for a moment. It was a wonderful success, crafters seemed happy, customers were excited and spending their dollars, no major incidences, no fussing, signage was good...we are just elated with the whole event. Yesterday, I dozed the morning away on the couch between phone calls. Today, work for the show still continues as we sort tags, write checks, etc. Included are some photos of the event. I wish I had gotten some with lots of shoppers in them and the pre-work that went into the show. Maybe Rochelle got some of those. Anyway, enjoy.
P.S. I'll post more pictures over the next few days.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cool Craft Show

Okay, I don't normally do summer shows Vegas. That makes it about a million degrees outside. But early this year I decided to participate in Duck Creek Days 'cuz I'm trying to make a more reliable and year round income. I love going up to Cedar Mountain weather...real trees...the meadows are full of flowers in the summer...afternoon thunderstorms...deer and elk...and other forest critters...ATV's just awesome! And hey, throw a craft show in on top of much better does it get?!

I headed north and up the mountain on Thursday for set up. It also gave me time to stop at Roberts (i am thoroughly frustrated with their lack of tole painting supplies and the excessive scrapbook supplies but I'll save that for another day)...I still have the need to stop though. hehe

As I topped out the mountain it started to rain...I mean really rain...the windshield wipers couldn't keep up but by the time I got to Duck Creek it had stopped. I set up my booth in a relaxed pace and just enjoyed the weather. It was so nice and coooooool. Afterwards I headed for Timm's nephews cabin (they were kind enough to let us crash there for the weekend...thanks, Guy) and my hubby and Guy arrived just a few minutes ahead of me so timing was perfect. Timm was in desperate need to get away from work anyway and our puppy dog had a great time fetching sticks in the lake. She even tried to fetch up some of the fish jumping around her. Daddy sure loves his little 4 legged girl. She celebrated her 2nd birthday on Friday, what a great way to spend her day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In the summer our ATV club will often ride in the evening when it starts to cool off. This last Saturday we joined them in Pahrump for a ride on the back side of the Spring Mtn Range. Now let me tell you, we've received VERY little rain this year so it was a pleasant respist from the heat to have some cooler weather and chances of rain, especially on our ride. As we were leaving the drop off point it started to rain, the temperature dropped and let me say it was just delightful. It didn't last but about 10 minutes but it knocked down the dust and the ride was wonderful. At this box canyon was our first stop and off came the rain gear. There is lots to see on the other side of the mountain...washes, small canyons (like this one), pine trees and more.
We headed back early, our friends machine was having some issues, and the rest continued on. We got home at 9:45 pm, the rest of the group didn't get back to the trucks until then. Most didn't get home until midnight or so. I'm glad we came home early. I really enjoy riding the 4 wheelers but now too comfortable rinding them in the dark...there is just too much stuff out there and I think I'm asking for trouble by doing so. Aparently, I'm not as brave as I thought. hehe

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's just too hot around here

So...I was tired of painting for my upcoming show and thought I would start working on some of the goodies my friend and I have planned to make.

These yummy little guys are Oreo pops and chocolate covered pretzels. Well, it's Las Vegas in the summer time...the air conditioner has been running all's 112 outside and it's just to warm in my house for the chocolate to set up. I only figured this out 3 bags of chocolate and 2 hours later. So now I am cutting up the paper they sit on so I can get it onto trays and into the freezer. After that they'll get bagged and a pretty little ribbon tied on them...then it's back into the big freezer for these guys. I normally make this stuff for the fall shows (now I know another reason why fall shows are the best of the year).

Let me's comfortable in the house for me...but apparently not for chocolate.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our ATV club, Dunes and Trails, particpated in our first parade. We entered the Boulder City parade, it was a blast. We decorated our quads up with flags, streamers, buntings, and more. Timm and I even waxed our quads...that was a first. Cassy rode with Timm, she was a real hit. It was fun to listen to little kids tell their parents there was a dog riding on a 4 wheeler. We even won an award for most creative entry. We hung out for the fireworks and enjoyed a BBQ with friends. We smoked fresh was delicious. The fireworks show was exceptional and felt like the show was right above us we were so close. Even the sunset was spectacular for the 4th of July! I really should have tried to get some photos of the fireworks but I misplaced my camera so I just enjoyed the show.

Mini vacation in Utah

Our last mini vacation was in Hatch's so sweet to get away. Sorry it's taken so long to post. Things have been busy around here. We had a great time in Utah, it was nice and cool with highs only about 85 degrees. Trails were dry and dusty but I didn't really care...was just nice to be there. Cassy and I headed out on our own ride on Saturday. We didn't run into anyone all day, it was great. Here I tried to take a picture of us on the quad but my arms are really too short to get a full view I guess. She loves to ride and I had to indulge her. We rode 27 miles, saw cows (she likes to bark at them), explored an old cabin and she generally sniffed around. Everyday after we got back from the trail ride we'd take her down to the river. The quads were barely stopped before she was off and in the river just waiting for us to throw the sticks. Now, the last time we were out she wouldn't fetch up the stick from the hot springs but we had to throw 2 to keep up with her this time around. It was really cool to watch her leap and bound in the water, she was really enjoying herself.

Before we'd head up Proctor Canyon we saw this small herd of buffalo in the mornings by the trail. The baby's were so cute. You could tell momma didn't want us to stick around too long taking pictures though. She would actually put herself between her baby and us. It was cool to see them...even if they were shedding.

We finally got rain the last we were packing up. It was still enjoyable. Temperatures drop, everything smells clean...and no dust on the trail (for those who didn't need to come home). Someday, I will be one of those folks.


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