Saturday, September 6, 2008

My booth at Harvest Festival

Figured pictures are better than words for this one...after all I want to see pictures on a blog. Her is my booth at the Harvest Festival. I think it turned out pretty well, don't you.

I was supposed to have a floor on some sort, carpet, vinyl, etc. but I've forgotten 2 days in a row not so no flooring this year. That was pointed out to my by the show staff. I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands. One of the gals in charge at the show saw my putting out some of my 'dollar crap' know, thinks like snowman soup, ghost poop, etc. and told me I wasn't approved for food. I told her I didn't consider it food, these items are gifts, stocking stuffers, secret santas, etc. I know I put these items on my contract. She never did give me a definite answer YES or NO but I put them out on Firday morning anyway. They simply add up to quickly not to put them out. No one has questioned them since then so I guess I'm okay.
What a great crowd we've had today. Friday morning was good but the crowd today was great. Most everyone carrying purchases around so that's a good sign. I earned just a little more than yesterday and if Sunday is the same I will be pleased. My mom has spent both days with me so it's been nice to spend time with her. My mom and dad were traveling most of the summer so I didn't get to see or talk with them much. I think both will be down there tomorrow after church.
I have seen so many of my old students, friends, and dedicated shoppers. It's been nice to catch up with them a little. The big questions...'When are you going to start teaching painting classes again?' and 'You should really open a shop/studio' Okay, I know the second isn't a question. May in a year or two...or earlier on part of it. Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow.

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Debra said...

I just recieved my new issue of Mary Englebriet, and your ad caught my eye right away. I followed "the trail" to your blog. I am also a believer, an artist, and a mom! Our son is 18. I've enjoyed looking at your site, your Etsy, and this blog. That river rock counter top is glorious!! I LOVE it!

Your work is very cute!
Do you like the DIY website? I'm trying to get my own business launched, and have been praying about what steps to take. I've had a blog since April,just so I could learn some computer stuff, and to meet other women with the same things going on in their lives. It has been so rewarding. But I am really at a stand-still in my business, and would surely appreciate any advice from such a veteran as yourself. My work is different from yours, so we would not be in competition in any way. Please, don't feel obligated to answer me. I know you must be busy. I hope your ad will bring you lots of orders-it's really cute.
Love, in Him,


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