Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well folks, in the midst of our vacation and prepping for craft shows we have purchased the family home, removed all the furniture, ripped out carpet, pulled off counters, stripped the living room ceiling and are painting the whole house. Timm has been working his butt off up there. Yeah, I know poor timing. But nothing about this year has been normal so what the heck. New oak flooring will be going down in about 2 weeks, it's back ordered but that's okay 'cuz there is texturing on walls to be done, painting in all the rooms, and more. Monday we had the counters installed. They are the most awesome thing you've ever seen....petrified riverbed. It has all sizes of rocks and you can even see how the sand runs around the stones, etc. Here is some photos of the kitchen with the new counters the day they were installed. The stove and sink are installed in these photos yet.

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Rochelle said...

FABULOUS!!!! I love it!


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