Friday, August 29, 2008


Finally, (I know) we are making our way into Juneau, Alaska's state capital. The only way into Juneau is by plane or boat (okay, the Captain said it's a ship...not a boat). No roads lead into Juneau. It is literally right against the mountain. In fact, do you see the flat ground in the photos? That is all man made with tailings (waste) from the Alaska Juneau mine.
These views of Juneau are taken from the top of the mountain. There is a tram that takes you to the top of Mt. Roberts...that's 1800 feet. Totally awesome views from there. At the top there is a hiking trail, small museum, restaurant, and a movie theater featuring a 20 minute informative movie of the area. Native American art is everywhere and it is intriguing and beautiful. This tree is on the trail up there and is was a marker for the natives serving several purposes including identity, territory, and a place to meet others for trading of goods.
The flowers are amazing colorful and abundant. Really, they are everywhere. The streets are lined with them in planters, hanging baskets, etc. The buildings fronts have been refurbished back to the mining days, the sidewalks in front of them are wood, all are bright and colorful. Shopping is everywhere, I had no idea that shopping (for diamonds, gems, and jewelry) was such a big deal on cruises. The ship has a shopping ambassador who gives a lecture on where and how to shop for jewelry. There are jewelry stores at every turn, seriously, they are everywhere. Makes me wish I was more of a jewelry girl because the deals are incredible.
We went gold panning outside of town. Yup, I even found about a dozen flakes (I'm rich!) then off to the Salmon Bake. It was a fun little place tucked up in the woods. It's an outside restaurant with salmon grilled over an open fire, along with chicken and ribs (for those of us who don't do fish) and the rest of the fixins. Picnic tables under covered areas, a folk band singing tunes to dine to, and a creek running behind our tables. Oh, and yummy blueberry cake. And flower baskets and planters, don't forget them. We had a squirrel visit us for dang cute! After we stuffed ourselves (well, Timm anyway) on salmon we hopped on one of their buses and back to the ship. I haven't been on an old school bus in years, just as bumpy as I remember.

A whirl wind day in Juneau, walked quite a bit, visited the state museum, took the tram to the top of Mt. Roberts, hiked around on the top of the mountain, saw a black bear on the way down the mountain from the tram, panned for gold, and gorged like bears on salmon at the Salmon Bake, and collapsed on the bed back on the ship. What a day!

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