Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still messy

Well, the mess in the craft croom continues...I didn't even touch it today. Instead I met with a group of crafty ladies and enjoyed lunch with my bud, Rochelle. It was a nice change of pace.

In the choas that is my craft room is this poor bear who has had his head crushed by a box of minky fabric. It's a sad day for this little guy. I will need to revive him when I get back from vacation. Yes I know the box of fabric came in May and all I have done is open and say."Oooh, it's so soft and pretty".

This picture is another scary place in the house. It's the tub in the second bathroom......I know, I'm sick. I really believe there is something in my brain that just says 'you can do something with that' and 'I must have it'. The tub hasn't been in working operation since the kids were little by the way, parts were caniballized from it to fix the other one. But since it's in the house I figured I'd better 'fess up and let you know about it.

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