Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More of the messy room

Yikes! I can't believe I am showing you more of the disaster area. I believe I should apply to FEMA for federal funding or something. I refuse to show you the studio and conex box...that is just too scary.

I took a challenge from my friend Rochelle last week but all I am doing s making it messier...I swear I'm not even trying to do that. I promise.

I would love for a bunch of elves to come clean it for me while I'm on vacation...just clean, organize and NOT get rid of anything!

What needs to happen is cloning...yes cloning, I said it. I need about 3 of me to keep up with all that I am doing. Prepping for the fall craft show season, clean up my work space (okay, maybe I need 3 of me for that), planning a new booth for the bigger shows, trying to keep up at Goatfeathers, my duties as VP of the Las Vegas Crafters Guild, and try to run and organize my own show with Rochelle, make enough money so I don't need to get an awful office job. (I tried that, thought I was going to hang myself, totally hated it) Gosh, all that is just on the crafting side, and there is so much more I want to do like get back to designing patterns, submit to magazines, teach again...the list just doesn't stop I know.

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