Monday, August 4, 2008

I've been called out

so I have to take the challenge....and it's one of great benefit for me anyway, but often it just takes some prodding to get it done. Thanks, Rochelle!

It's just no fun to hear your hubby say your room is a mess...that's just insulting. So this is my creative mess...I know it is just too scary to look at...even scarier for me to let others see it. But here it is, you may be scarred for life now, I am so sorry about that.

I have to tell you it is better than it was a month ago. Hard to believe I know. There is just a little path to my chair...which by the way, broke yesterday as I twisted around behind me to reach for something. Now I have another dining chair since my nice one broke several months ago.

Poor Cassy barely has room to lay down in there. She likes to lay next to the chair and make sure I don't escape without her. I am really cramping her style.
You don't get to see the studio, I'd like you to think that at least I can really work in one of my spaces. I do paint in this room, believe it or not. Okay, not the bigger stuff. I have to move tot he breakfast bar to do that.

What I really need to do is purge and get rid of a bunch of this stuff but I know as soon as I do I will need what I got rid I hold onto stuff. I just can't bare to do it. When old students get rid of their craft supplies they call me 'cuz they know I will take it. They say they can't throw it away either, but like me, they want their craft supplies to go to a good home.

In a couple of days...hopefully...I will post pictures of a clean craft room. But for right now, I need to see another creative minds messy space.....please. ;)

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