Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're back from vacation...what an experience! Let me just say cruising is awesome!!!! We had the best time and it became how apparent I really needed a vacation. We flew from Vegas to San Francisco then to Vancouver. Vancouver is beautiful, green and full of flowers everywhere you look. I wish I was able to get some photos of the hydrangias in yards. The bushes were huge...I mean huge and just covered in blossoms. We stayed overnight, took a bus tour of the city, stopping at Queen Eleizabeth Park and Stanley Park. Amazing! After that we headed to the ship. I was really glad I wasn't the one driving in Vancouver though, the streets are very narrow (and the bus was very wide). Oh, and the are no freeways in Vancouver, all street traffic...with only 2 lanes and there is no turning lane. Yeah. These garden photos are from Queen Elizabeth Park.

Here are some pictures from Stanely Park. The place is huge. It's basically a penninsula into the bay full of olf growth rain forest, the Vancouver Aquarium, milies and miles of trails, Cricket felds (they were playing while we were there) and a sea wall borders the entire place with a trail you can bike, walk, and roller blade on. There were horse drawn carriages, restaurants, Totem Pole Park, and more there as well. I would like to go back and explore it again someday.
See that stump. It's an old growth tree stump with a new tree growing out of it! They are called "nursing stumps" Yup, I learn something new everyday.
More of the vacation come. What a tease..hehe.

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