Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our craft show was a hit!

It's been a long 5 days but it was worth it. Our first Show & Tell Crafters Market is now under our belt and we can breathe...just for a moment. It was a wonderful success, crafters seemed happy, customers were excited and spending their dollars, no major incidences, no fussing, signage was good...we are just elated with the whole event. Yesterday, I dozed the morning away on the couch between phone calls. Today, work for the show still continues as we sort tags, write checks, etc. Included are some photos of the event. I wish I had gotten some with lots of shoppers in them and the pre-work that went into the show. Maybe Rochelle got some of those. Anyway, enjoy.
P.S. I'll post more pictures over the next few days.


Cindy Dean said...

It was a great show Crystal. You guys should be proud! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am working away at becoming a well know artist!

bow mom said...

Yes, Crystal it was a great show! I had tons of fun and that's what matters the most!


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