Monday, March 30, 2009

Surgery went well

Hey, I made it through my hesterectomy and I am home! It was an abdominal surgery since both my children were born by c-section. You know, I don't remember it hurting so bad though, probably since I had a beautiful child to focus on the last 2 times I was cut open. There was a lot more scar tissue than expected, infact, the uterus and bladder were adhered together. There was a very large fibroid attached to the uterus as well. The doctor explained it as half a mickey mouse hat. No wonder I wasn't feeling well. On a sour note, I had to come home with a cathiter and won't get it until April 3rd. Geesh!

Anyway, I'm home now and feeling better everyday. Mom and Dad have been over everyday to help and visit. In fact, they are grocery shopping for me today. Timm took off 4 days last week to be at the hospital and home for me...what an awesome guy he is. I think he worries a lot about me even though he won't admit it. I realize I do tend to do lots of things I probably shouldn't so he figures it's just par for the course. My kids have been good about helping me, I think they worry also.

On a crafty note, I finished tying the polar fleece blanket yesterday for Justin's boy. Today I am clipping rag quilts. I finished 9 of them before I went in so I would have something to do when I got out. Keep crafting is still National Craft Month. I have faces to put on a few dolls and get them listed on Etsy and Artfire.

Thanks to all my family and friends for good thoughts, prayers, meals, and chores. I really do appreciate every bit of it. I can tell it's about time for another pain pill...and a nap.

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