Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few things done

I've been busy the last few days with household things but I did manage to get a few things completed.

This is a wood picture frame. I applied scrap book paper, antiqued the edges with raw umber paint, put several coats of varnish on it, cut out the center and added some vintage Scrabble tiles. I will be listing it on Etsy later today at my site. It's for those who haven't added it to their favorites yet ;). Got several others done also, but I think this one is my favorite.

I've also managed to get some organizing done in my sewing room, brought more fabric over, sewed up a rag quilt for Timm's nephew (you know, the one that is having a boy...see previous post about afghan), it's getting washed today. I found 2 boxes of rag quilt squares that are ready to be sewn together. Mostly baby flannel in the boxes...some with warm and natural in them some just flannel squares waiting to be used. So I guess that is my next project.

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