Friday, March 20, 2009

More crafty stuff

It's still National Craft Month so keep on crafting your hearts out! I finished a skate order for a customer, she only wanted 3 orginally but ended up taking all five I had painted. I've also been sewing up that large pile of rag quilt squares into baby blankets. I four sewn right now and working on more today. You'll get to see them when they're finished. I think I will have enough squares to make about 8 of them.
I'm still moving more fabric to the new sewing I am staying out of JoAnn's for a while. I have a lot of fabric! Not to mention wood, paints, and more. I have set a goal to use a majority of what I have this year. Donating extra supplies to a school or two is also on the Cathy, are you need of any for your after school and art programs? I really have enough supplies to open a shop...and it's crossed my mind many times but now is not a good time to open anything kind of retail store. In the future, who knows. This town needs a decorative painting store.

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