Thursday, March 5, 2009

National Craft Month Project #1

My first completed project of National Craft Month, an afghan I had started a while ago. I've been working on it the last two days. I really like the way it turned out and I love the yarn, it's the Lion Brand Homespun. It's a really soft and fluffy yarn that just makes you want to wrap up in.

I started this one when I found out Tim and Allison were pregnant. Guess what? They're going to have a boy. So, it looks like I will be saving this one for someone else's baby.

Here are a couple of closeups so you can see the flowers.

I also added a scalloped edge to finish it off. There are 81 squares of yellow and lavendar raised flowers. It's a little bigger than anticipated orginally but you know how it goes. Short a couple of squares so you buy another skein of yarn and don't want to waste it so you keep making more squares. Anyway, I've enjoyed making it and someone will love it.
Please share what you've been creating. Oh, and big thanks to Chocolate on the Keyboard's blog for mentioning me for National Craft Month.'s good for the soul.


Mary-Berth said...

That's a beautiful pattern. Is it your own design?

Crystal Martin said...

It is my own...I orginally tried to remember a rose I did like this years ago but couldn't remember how so I just came up with my own.


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