Monday, January 19, 2009

All is well

What a whirl wind week it has been. But I'm glad to say all is well. I've been getting ready for our open house, attending doctor appointments and meetings, and helping out my mom as well. She had her gall bladder removed on Friday. The doc said it was text book surgery...that is good I'm told, no complications, wierd stuff, etc. Mom totally goes off the deep end thinking she won't wake up from the anethesia. The surgery part gets her a little but the anethesia is her big thing. To top it off she's reallyy allergic to many medications. Anyway, we sat in the waiting room all Friday morning, I crocheted squares, and she went home that day. So far so good, she even came to our open house the next day.

Saturday was the open house...finally. It seems I've been getting ready forever. The valances in the kitchen and dining room got finished, hung the curtains in the kitchen to block the washer and dryer from view, washed and waxed the floors, washed the windows, swept and vacuumed for the billionth time, baked 3 batches of cookies, 8 loaves of pumpkin bread, prepped more food than we needed....breathe will all be fine...and it was.

It's just overwhelming. We've worked so hard (especially Timm during construction phase) to make changes and make this home ours...not his mom's home. Timm's brother John and his wife, Rhonda surprised us and came in from Reno. It was a real treat to have them here. His sister even came, I was shocked...and pleased. (She didn't want us to change anything) It was a relief to hear others compliment what has been done. I know it was a huge relief and very satisfying for Timm to get the approval of his family...afterall, they grew up in this house. They even liked all the trees not being in the front yard. Anyway, here are a few photos of the house...enjoy.

You can view photos of the tree cutting and more at my other blog

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