Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Open House

Wow, can I just tell you that time is just flying by me. We've been working on the house trying to get a list of things done arund here for our open house. It's this Saturday! YIKES! I got my sewing machine moved into the house and finally got to use it after what seems like months. Still have to get lots of other sewing related items moved in but at least the machine is here. There is great comfort in that to me...I don't know why.

The first thing to be sewn since it moved was the valance pieces for the kitchen and dining room. I did them yesterday and got them hung. They look awesome, and match the living room curtains. I have enough material left to make a smaller one for the window on the kitchen door. Next is to hang the ones in the kitchen that will disguise the washer and dryer. But alas, the drill is charging so it will have to wait.

Timm and a bunch of friends have spent 3 days cutting down the trees in the front yard. Eleven fruitless mulberries have been taken down, we left four of them in front of the house. Big thanks to all of them, what great friends they are. We've saved most of the big stuff and have a huge...I mean HUGE pile of limbs in the front yard that will be removed, chipped and turned into mulch on Wednesday. I'm having a hard time with it but know that new landscaping can not happen without them being gone. A dry river bed, some desert type trees that don't drink so much and some other landscaping will be on the agenda this spring.

Christmas has been put away, for the most part. The rest will need to be done by Friday. I'd like to pull some Spring items out for the open house but that is on the bottom of the list. Maybe even some with some price tags on them...hmmm...a few sales would be nice. It may need to move up a few places.

The house is coming together nicely, photos are finally going up on the walls. The main living room wall has a temporary piece of art on it at the moment, what I'd like to have I am still searching for. I know what I want, just need to find it.

You may not hear from me until after open house but I promise photos at that point. Wish me luck that I get through it and don't panic over some stupid little thing that doesn't really matter. I know I can do that sometimes.

P.S. I added a couple of pieces to my Esty shop if your interested. I know...I need to get lots more on there.

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