Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Put some clothes on!

All you naked dollies put your clothes on! Oops, I don't have clothes yet. Better get to work on that. They are cute little things though. I think I like the brunette best. This is as far as I got over the weekend.

Instead of grinding tree stumps and doing laundry (at my son's house...the pump went out on the washer Thursday) and other chores, we ran away for the day to Cedar City. Gosh, I love it up there. Picked up Chris' ATV parts, got some awesome fabric at Ace/Ben Franklin, made a few more stops at some of my favorite places, enjoyed lunch at Lupita's and made ourt way back home. It was a whirlwind trip and back home by 3pm. Timm was still able to finish the stump grinding.

We did make take a scenic detour in Mesquite. Saw some waterfowl at the golf course pond, even a majestic. Cassy wanted out...can you tell by the photo. But alas, we didn't want the other folks feeding the duck and geese to be mad at us when Cassy took off after the birds and we didn't want wet dog in the back seat all the way home. She does enjoy traveling though I have to admit.

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