Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008...a year in revue

As I look back I can thankfully say I'm glad 2008 is over. There wasn't much normal about it for us at the Martin home. Timm's mom fell in January and suffered from a broken hip. She never came home and passed in March. My Grandma passed away just a day later. She died unexpectedly. I had both knees operated on in March...on my birthday. We ripped up carpet, textured and painted walls and the ceiling, layed laminate flooring and more in the house during this period also.

Scott and Christy were married Mother's Day weekend at the Valley of Fire. It was an awesome day! I did the flowers, we made a cup cake wedding cake, and shopped for the wedding dress with Christy along with the rest of the planning that goes into a wedding.

With a short time to breathe I crafted like a mad woman trying to get ready for fall shows.

In August, we went on our first Alaska. It was the most awesome experience! The weather was perfect everyday. We stopped in Juneau, rode the tram to the top of the mountain, panned for gold and enjoyed dinner at the Salmon bake. In Skagway, we took the bus into the Yukon, rode ATV's in the world's smallest desert, had a great BBQ lunch, and took the train back into Skagway. We ventured into Glacier Bay National Park, saw the glaciers calf as well as see the mountains on a gorgeous day with blue skies. Ketchikan was our last stop, there we went crabbing, enjoyed a crab feast, and spent some time shopping. We shipped out of Vancouver, Canada, there were enjoyed a bus tour of the city.

We hit the ground running to work on the house. We bought Timm's family home and property. Papers were incorrect and we had to wait until after the cruise to sign...again. We had ripped out the carpet and torn down the ceiling in the living room before we left for the cruise. Timm, his brother Bill, and a co-worker, Joe put up a new ceiling. I textured the ceiling and a couple of the walls. A ceiling is hard work by the way. Paint choices were not quite right the first time so back to Lowes...again. I swear I was there everyday for 2 months, sometimes several times a day. They know Cassy at this point. We had new counters installed. They are the coolest thing you've ever seen...petrified river bed. I have to admit I was a total brat at the warehouse when they didn't have it in stock, I had made up my mind that was what I wanted and nothing else would do. They lots of gorgeous stuff, just no what I wanted. We also had oak flooring put in...after much distress about the floors not being level. I must say the floor guys were prima donnas. They installed it the second time they were here.

We moved into our new home on our 26th anniversary, October 1st. Most of the house is complete but there is still work that continues. We haven't even started on the master bath.

We did make it to a few campouts this year. In January, we retreated from the chaos and went to Tecopa, exploring mines and more near Dumont Dunes. Memorial Day took us to Gap Mountain NV. Good times were had riding our ATV's through the worst rain we've ever encountered. June took us to Hatch UT. Always great riding there. Thanksgiving weekend, we went back to Tecopa with friends. There were a couple of day rides in between also. Fuel prices played a large part in the number of places and how far away we went along with a lack of time.

My craft shows were numbered this year. I added a few new ones, dropped a couple of old ones, started my own with a friend, traveled to Utah, Reno, and California (for the first time). I was the Vice President of the Las Vegas Crafters Guild also. Things are changing, some not by choice but I look forward to regrouping and preparing for 2009. I don't know what it will bring with the economy the way it is...but does anybody really know? I just pray a lot about it.

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