Monday, January 26, 2009

Bargain of the day

Now I normally check Craig's List twice a day...why, who knows. Something may be calling my name you never know. Anyway, today I found the best bargain in a long time. I bought a 10x10 canapy for craft shows and 3 folding aluminum tables. What a deal. I could have used 2 canapies at Art in the Park. I ended up picking up a sport canapy from WallyWorld that was olive green. This is much better. The tables can always be used somewhere, for parties, and camping trips. I love a bargain!


bow mom said...

I'm jealous. I hardly ever check anymore I should. I want grid wall. But, I want a lot of things. Good Job! See you tonight!

Crystal Martin said...

Yeah, I got a good deal on that one. $100 for the tent and 3 tables. I love a bargain!


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