Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reno, here I come

Well, I head out tomorrow morning at o'dark thirty for Reno. It's an 8 hour drive with very little to see between here and there. I have to check in at 1:00pm and be ready for 5:30....that's pushing it for me but my son, Chris will be there to help drive and set up.

This show is held at McQueen High School by their booster club. I did it last year and did very well so I'm hoping for same this year. Rochelle won't be attending this one (she did the Candy Danceinstead) but another good friend, Diane will be there. In fact, she is right next to me this year. We can catch up on our lives and talk about I think one of the coolest things about this show is they have the kids from PE class haul your stuff to your booth. Last year, I unlocked the trailer and there were 10 students lined up waiting to take stuff to my booth, it was heavenly. I made a donation to the ROTC and they loaded for me at the end of the weekend too. It was the best thing ever!

Hoping and praying for warmer weather this year, last year it was COLD. I'm taking a portable propane heater this year, long underwear, gloves and jacket just in case.

I've got some new stuff and hope to get a good response out of it there. Between the 2 shows I did up there last year I made some good customers that are dying to know what I've got. I think they will like them. Here's a sneek peek.
Anyway, I'll have an update for you on Monday on how the show was. Wish me luck!


Jen said...

good luck crystal!!

love your new stuff... too cute. save some for my show kay?? haha.

Mary-Berth said...

Your stuff is incredible! I am so envious of your talent. Hope your show was awesome.


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