Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McQueen Craft Faire

I know it's been a few days and many are wondering where an update is. I've been a little busy...and tired. Here are some photos of my booth at the McQueen Craft Faire in Reno, NV. My youngest son, Chris and I got up at 2am, left Vegas at 3am and headed off to Reno. The sunrise outside of Tonopah, NV was pretty with a pink and orange skyline.

After a nice lunch at Chili's, we checked in at 1pm, unloaded and began to set up. It was nice to have some help this year in setting up. I was set up in record time and ready to go when they opened the doors at 5pm. Chris headed off to dinner with his cousin, Micah for a while. One of my best customers, Heidi was there right at 5pm to shop. She and her daughter made the rounds, shopped with me some more and came back to shop again before gathering their goods for the night. She is the sweetest thing and I really appreciate her loyalty. I have several other customers that very loyal and dependable also. I love them all.

My friend, Diane was next door to me this year. It was nice to have her there. Last year, she was across the courtyard. The weather was horrid last year, windy, rainy, cold...and the wind blew over the building and right intot he wall she was against. She froze to death. This year the weather was delightful, I didn't even wear a jacket Friday evening. In fact, the weather was good all weekend. I didn't need my long undies, gloves or the portable heater I brought with me.

It was reassuring to see so many shoppers come out for the fair, and to see they were spending money. I have to admit I was nervous about traveling that far for an event in this uncertain economy. It all seemed to turn out well for the weekend and I feel blessed with all the gracious comments, and happy shoppers I encountered at the event. I pray this will continue so we can all have a good season.

I stay at my brother in law's in Washoe Valley when I show there. This is the view from his back porch...I know, it's awesome. Yes, that is a buffalo...and it's his. I got to visit with all his kids except one. Nell has the cutest little baby boy with a head full of hair. Thanks to Tim and Allison for letting me use their Jeep for the weekend. It helped out a lot so Chris could hang with his cousins, ride quads, and shoot rifles, etc. We also stopped to see Justin and Maranda's house in Dayton just before heading home. They have 2 beautiful children and their little boy is growing like a weed. The ride home was dark, the moon didn't rise until almost 10pm. Arrived home at 3am, parked and hit the pillow. It was a good weekend. Now I just need to make more stuff...I know, I always need to make more stuff.

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Mary-Berth said...

That Fall flag is amazing!!!!


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