Monday, October 6, 2008

My booth at Art in the Park

Well here are some pictures of my booth at Art in the Park. Saturday was totally insane! I didn't get out of my booth until about 3:30 and it was a quick run to the porta-a-potties (EEEHHHWWWW). The crowds were huge and they were spending their money...not on huge stuff but my dollar stuff was flying off the racks. I offered a show special on them and they were lovin' it.
I wish I had more signs than I did, need to work on them before the next show. The large stars didn't sell but that's okay, I'll take them to Reno for the next show. They are really cool, almost 40" across and the come apart for storage. I plan to paint some in Christmas too. I did sell me big head Raggedy Ann, I'm so glad she was adopted on Saturday. Buckets didn't move as well as I thought, and they are awesome.
I had lots of wonderful compliments about my makes a person feel good. Many of old painting students found me and begged for classes again. I'm hoping to start up again next year here at home. Gave out a ton of postcards for our Show and Tell Crafters Market, everyone was excited to hear that it will all be handmade. There was lots of retail at this show and there shouldn't be any. I don't know how they ever got whole booths in but they did. One booth said they used some for 'add ons'...okay, I don't know what part they added, but I have the catalog and no part of what they did were 'added on'.
Anyway, I had a great show, was pleased with my booth, my sales, and the days were beautiful. Yes, I was exhausted, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk Sunday left knee is super swollen and sore. I didn't get to look around the show (gosh, it's sad to be that Timm stayed home and busted butt at the house. He scrubbed the bathroom floors (with straight bleach...I'm surprised he has fingerprints), recaulked the shower, cleaned up outside, and more. He has been awesome. My dad and brother helped me set up on Friday, my brother worked the show with me all weekend, he was great. My oldest son and his wife came out to help tear down. Everyone has been awesome and really appreciate what everyone has done recently. My mom and youngest son helped at the last show too.
If you missed out on anything you didn't get at the show, feel free to order from me. I'll be working on stuff for the next several weeks so get your orders in. :) Gotta go, lots to do.

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