Monday, October 6, 2008

Art in the Park-Set Up

Over the weekend was Art in the Park in Boulder City. It's a really big show and I'm so excited to be back in this event for the last few years. I used to participate in this show when my boys were little, then I left it alone for many years and have been back for the last 3-4 years. Friday is always set up day. This year my dad and brother came out to help me, thank goodness. The spaces were not layed out well this year. My aisle was small and crooked. They ended up moving people all ever the place to make the aisles wide enough, they kinda snaked a little but thee were wider. I actually pulled 3-4 feet off the front of my booth and was allowed to make it wider to compensate. As most any crafter knows...frontage for the booth is where it's at. After 8 hours or so we called it a day, covered up the booth and went home.

Saturday morning I got a call from Rochelle saying some of my stuff was wet.....AAAAAAAhhhh. The being wider part of my booth didn't have a canapy over it and it actually rained here in Southern Nevada. Hard to beilieve, I know. So I stopped at Walmart and bought a sport type canapy (they on ly had 2 since it's late in the season) and I was glad to have it. Just a few things that need to be repaired so it wasn't that bad, just a hassle.

Next post will include photos of my booth, I promise. I need to dig out the camera and get photos uploaded.


Trailhound said...

Nothing about your husband staying at home washing the bathroom & kitchen floors.
Washing all of the pots & pans for you. Installing the new rain shower head in your shower. Cleaning up around the outside of the new house. Washing the window of your new house. What does a man have to do to get a few words about him?

Rochelle said...

Timm cracks me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bow mom said...

I think he has to do all that and lug crapshow stuff to get mentioned in the blog!


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