Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, Timm and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversay...hard to believe, time goes by so fast. I am thankful I met my soulmate early in my life. He took the day off and we completed some things around here so we could spend our first night in the new house. Timm and Chris moved the bed, no trunk at the foot of the bed for Cassy so we'll see how she does. Sorted thru lots of stuff that was under the bed, tossed most of it. I have bags that go to the trash, donation, and to the other house. I was difficult but I even put my wedding dress in the donation bags. The cover had come off the box, it was terribly dusty and had turned that aged yellow color. It's not like I will ever wear it again but it was a hard decision to is my wedding dress, I made it myself, all that sentimental stuff...sniff, sniff. We stopped by the cemetary to visit Timm's parents...that is always difficult but comforting at the same time. I'm sure it will get easier with time.

Dinner was at one of our favorite places, Billy Bob's at Sam's Town. Love the atmosphere and the food. They have a delicious crab stuffed portabella mushroom...yummy. I broke away from my standard prime rib and order the ribs, they too were yummy. We even saw a mmovie, Tropic Thunder. It was funny but a lot more language than I care to hear. I was glad to get back to the truck. I actually bought and wore high heels, I can't even tell you how many years it's been since I did that...and I can tell.

There will be lots of moving to get things up to snuff in both houses. It will take months I have no doubt. Lots of things will stay in the old house for Chris, no need to move stuff that is in the new house from Timm's mom. There is 26 years of stuff that needs to be sorted, moved, removed, donated, tossed, and more. YIKES, I gather lots of crap! Thankfully, there is not a drop dead time limit to be out of one house and into the other. (maybe that's a bad thing:])

UPDATE: Cassy didn't fair so well last night. New house, new noises, hardwood floors, the bed is on a platform, and there is no trunk at the foot of the bed for her to lay on. She had a difficult night. Will need to get some rugs in the room, maybe a bed for her too. It will get easier for her after a few nights, and us too.


Jen said...

hey girl... happy anniversary to you!

what is this? you moved? how exciting... are you still in the same area or did you leave me over here.

hope to see you at art in the park tomorrow... if i can get there.

Crystal Martin said...

I didn't move very far...just to the front house on the property. I want to send open house invites saying "we've moved". I thought it would be funny!


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