Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This store is awesome!

Hwy bloggers, have you been to these stores yet? I've gotten coupons for several months now but it was out of the way to go there. But I had two coupons that expired today and they just opened one last week up the hill from me so I wondered up there. OMG! The store is awesome! Quick, convenient, and lots of fresh yummy foods. They have stuff that's all prepared and ready to grill, bake, etc. I bought several items that were half price that I popped into the freezer. Tonight I'll be grilling chicken breasts stuffed with lemon and herbs along with some garlic/herb baby red potatoes...YUMMY. I even got Timm some wild mushroom soup for an appitizer....that will shock him. And if all that weren't enough, I saved $10.00 on top of the half price items. There are now enough dinners in the freezer for a week or more for less than $50. I so love a bargain!

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