Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In the summer our ATV club will often ride in the evening when it starts to cool off. This last Saturday we joined them in Pahrump for a ride on the back side of the Spring Mtn Range. Now let me tell you, we've received VERY little rain this year so it was a pleasant respist from the heat to have some cooler weather and chances of rain, especially on our ride. As we were leaving the drop off point it started to rain, the temperature dropped and let me say it was just delightful. It didn't last but about 10 minutes but it knocked down the dust and the ride was wonderful. At this box canyon was our first stop and off came the rain gear. There is lots to see on the other side of the mountain...washes, small canyons (like this one), pine trees and more.
We headed back early, our friends machine was having some issues, and the rest continued on. We got home at 9:45 pm, the rest of the group didn't get back to the trucks until then. Most didn't get home until midnight or so. I'm glad we came home early. I really enjoy riding the 4 wheelers but now too comfortable rinding them in the dark...there is just too much stuff out there and I think I'm asking for trouble by doing so. Aparently, I'm not as brave as I thought. hehe

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