Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's just too hot around here

So...I was tired of painting for my upcoming show and thought I would start working on some of the goodies my friend and I have planned to make.

These yummy little guys are Oreo pops and chocolate covered pretzels. Well, it's Las Vegas in the summer time...the air conditioner has been running all's 112 outside and it's just to warm in my house for the chocolate to set up. I only figured this out 3 bags of chocolate and 2 hours later. So now I am cutting up the paper they sit on so I can get it onto trays and into the freezer. After that they'll get bagged and a pretty little ribbon tied on them...then it's back into the big freezer for these guys. I normally make this stuff for the fall shows (now I know another reason why fall shows are the best of the year).

Let me's comfortable in the house for me...but apparently not for chocolate.

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Neenee said...

Hi Crystal

I nomintated you for a Brilliant Weblog Award. Please visit my site to accept and download your award.



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