Monday, July 21, 2008

Cool Craft Show

Okay, I don't normally do summer shows Vegas. That makes it about a million degrees outside. But early this year I decided to participate in Duck Creek Days 'cuz I'm trying to make a more reliable and year round income. I love going up to Cedar Mountain weather...real trees...the meadows are full of flowers in the summer...afternoon thunderstorms...deer and elk...and other forest critters...ATV's just awesome! And hey, throw a craft show in on top of much better does it get?!

I headed north and up the mountain on Thursday for set up. It also gave me time to stop at Roberts (i am thoroughly frustrated with their lack of tole painting supplies and the excessive scrapbook supplies but I'll save that for another day)...I still have the need to stop though. hehe

As I topped out the mountain it started to rain...I mean really rain...the windshield wipers couldn't keep up but by the time I got to Duck Creek it had stopped. I set up my booth in a relaxed pace and just enjoyed the weather. It was so nice and coooooool. Afterwards I headed for Timm's nephews cabin (they were kind enough to let us crash there for the weekend...thanks, Guy) and my hubby and Guy arrived just a few minutes ahead of me so timing was perfect. Timm was in desperate need to get away from work anyway and our puppy dog had a great time fetching sticks in the lake. She even tried to fetch up some of the fish jumping around her. Daddy sure loves his little 4 legged girl. She celebrated her 2nd birthday on Friday, what a great way to spend her day.

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