Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mini vacation in Utah

Our last mini vacation was in Hatch's so sweet to get away. Sorry it's taken so long to post. Things have been busy around here. We had a great time in Utah, it was nice and cool with highs only about 85 degrees. Trails were dry and dusty but I didn't really care...was just nice to be there. Cassy and I headed out on our own ride on Saturday. We didn't run into anyone all day, it was great. Here I tried to take a picture of us on the quad but my arms are really too short to get a full view I guess. She loves to ride and I had to indulge her. We rode 27 miles, saw cows (she likes to bark at them), explored an old cabin and she generally sniffed around. Everyday after we got back from the trail ride we'd take her down to the river. The quads were barely stopped before she was off and in the river just waiting for us to throw the sticks. Now, the last time we were out she wouldn't fetch up the stick from the hot springs but we had to throw 2 to keep up with her this time around. It was really cool to watch her leap and bound in the water, she was really enjoying herself.

Before we'd head up Proctor Canyon we saw this small herd of buffalo in the mornings by the trail. The baby's were so cute. You could tell momma didn't want us to stick around too long taking pictures though. She would actually put herself between her baby and us. It was cool to see them...even if they were shedding.

We finally got rain the last we were packing up. It was still enjoyable. Temperatures drop, everything smells clean...and no dust on the trail (for those who didn't need to come home). Someday, I will be one of those folks.

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