Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our ATV club, Dunes and Trails, particpated in our first parade. We entered the Boulder City parade, it was a blast. We decorated our quads up with flags, streamers, buntings, and more. Timm and I even waxed our quads...that was a first. Cassy rode with Timm, she was a real hit. It was fun to listen to little kids tell their parents there was a dog riding on a 4 wheeler. We even won an award for most creative entry. We hung out for the fireworks and enjoyed a BBQ with friends. We smoked fresh was delicious. The fireworks show was exceptional and felt like the show was right above us we were so close. Even the sunset was spectacular for the 4th of July! I really should have tried to get some photos of the fireworks but I misplaced my camera so I just enjoyed the show.

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