Friday, January 29, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

January has just flown by.  It seems the older I get the faster time flies by.  lol  I've been working on some Valentine crafts for my booths...not a lot but I do like to have a few Valentine pieces.  I also try to not make them specific to just Valentines for the most part.  Anywhoo, here are a few pictures of them.
A couple of mixed media paper mached boxes were completed...glitter and all.

A dozen frames were also completed.  They all have scrapbook paper decopauged on them and Scrabble tile words.  I don't know why, but I just love Scrabble tiles.
They all hold a 4"x6" print.   Many of the frames would also be great for weddings as well. 
There are even a few for babies too.  I love, love, love the daisys on this one.  There's also one specifically for boys and another for girls. 
On a happy note, I am working in my painting/crafting room again and it's wonderful.  I can find things I'm looking for...imagine that.  I feel creative, and I like that.  Not sure, but I think it even makes be a more pleasant person to be around.  lol  Get this, I'm even having dreams about crafts...that's right, I've been dreaming of a creative outlet for crafters in the valley.  Now if I could make it come to life that would be even more awesome.

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