Friday, January 8, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

I've been cleaning what is supposed to be my painting/craft room this week.  It looks more like Chernobel really...a total chaotic disaster.  There are bags of stuff I didn't even realize I had, seriously there must be a thousand sponge brushes tucked away in bags in every corner.  I always buy 200-300 when they are one sale.  I am a thrift stor junkie, always looking for something to paint on to resell.  But the whole idea is to do that...not just collect this dang stuff.  Well, I've been sorting, cleaning, tossing, and boxing for several days now and it is starting to look better.  There is still much to do.  No photos of the existing room (it's just too ugly), you'll have to wait until it's done to see it.  I just want to be creative again and need a fresh start in there. 

On another note, I'm putting all my granny squares together during the evening and it's looking pretty good.  I love the yarn (Lion Homespun) it's so, so soft.  Need to get some more of the connecting color today to continue.  It will be a great size for the couch I think when it's done.

Have a great weekend!


Little Pags Boutique said...

I am right there with you on the craft room. It is so bad that I will not post a pic of mine either...I only get in there for a few minutes here and there as I have a two year old. I really like your blog!

Crystal Martin said...

Thanks, it's been fun to blog...kinda makes me accountable too.

country cottage said...

I know I need to be cleaning and organizing my craft room myself. Yo go girl!!!
Your granny sqaure throw looks so awesome and warm.
Have an awesome weekend.


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