Friday, January 22, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Well, I can finally show you my paint/craft room.  I've been working on it for a couple of weeks off and on, with some full 8 hour days.  I've sorted, tossed, donated, and re-organized, vacuumed and dusted too.  I've put almost everything into clear plastic boxes because I've learned out of site is out of mind.  There is not doubt that I can actually purge some more but there is only so much I can take a one time. 

These are some super scary before pictures.  This is on one side of the table...can't even begin to get to anything I needed.  Under the table was just as bad I am embarrased to say.  The table was full of stuff and I was down to about the size of a placemat to paint in.  I know it's horrible, but I also know I am not the only one that does this.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this.)
This stuff came out of the closet.  I never realized I had so much yarn for doll hair.  If there is red in any brand...I think I have it.  Sad to say there is so much stuff I've bought and never used.Wow!  Look at the difference! 
Wow!  Here is my whole table!  A new table cloth, everything is de-cluttered and looks fabulous!  I'm almost afraid to start working on it.  I changed out my paint rack to the wire one shown.  I had a wood one in the photo above.  I have a new holder for my brushes as you recognize it?  It's a Pamper Chef spinning utensil holder. 
The closet has been totally gutted, vacuumed, a new shelf added so there is shelving accross the whole thing.  I've place everything in clear boxes (I like the shoe boxes that Costco sells, they're a little larger than normal ones.)  Good Lord, there are 3 of them full of jingle bells.  Did you notice there are still a few empty ones as well, I've no doubt they'll be filled shortly, 2 have already been filled with over-stock of paint. There are lots filled with assorted wood part, ornaments to paint, glue sticks, assorted Christmas items, mixed media, glitter, mica flakes, and more.
There is still an entire rack full of fabric that hasn't been moved to the front house may never get there.  I think I need to sell off some it it.  Watch my Etsy shop in the next few weeks for it.  There is some really nice fabric still on the bolts as well.  (I won't even talk about what's in the studio...that's a whole other project).
I so pleased I even got the wallborder up...well, Chris helped me with most of it.  It's only taken me years to do that.  It's one I fell in love with the minute I saw it, a Susan Winget patriotic design.  Notice all the thrift store finds that need to be painted...wood bowls, metal bowls, wood trays, coffee pots, frames, and more.  In the spare room next door is more wood to be painted.  An entire large bin of Christmas and other full of Halloween.  At least now I can get to everything and have room to paint. 
Today, when I was sorting paint and putting it in the metal rack my son, Chris was able to sit in the chair across from me and visit.  That hasn't been able to happen in a couple of years.  It was really nice. 


Snugglebug Blessings said...

Well at least one of us crafters had the courage to tackle that black hole called our craft room. Yours looks amazing and I must say I am a bit jealous. But I will also say CONGRATULATIONS, you go girl!!! God bless .Cathy

countercrafts said...

I am so glad to know that my craft room isn't the only one that the crafter cannot walk through! Thank you for sharing your before and after is encouraging to know that cleaning, throwing away, donating, etc...can be done and it is worth it! Congratulations for a job well done!! Take Care and God Bless!

bow mom said...

Oh Crystal I'm so jealous. You did a great job. Now I need to get busy. I love the paint rack. I have one on my wish list. Soon I'll start. My room seems to get worse daily.

KKL Primitives said...

Crystal, your craft room looks so tidy and organized now - WTG!!! Love that wire rack you are using for your paints! Love your border - looks very nice!!!! :)



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