Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Well, Friday came and went so fast last week that y'all get show &  tell on Wednesday this week. I just didn't want to wait a few more days to share with you.  My oldest son and his wife had their wisdom teeth pulled on Friday and it ate up the whole day.  I was a designated driver for them, I've made soup, and took one of them back to the dentist.  They are both doing better at this point but my daughter in law has had a really difficult time with hers.  I feel their pain...ouch.

I did manage to get my afghan completed...I love it.  I think the colors are gorgeous and the Lion Brand Homspun yarn is just to softest!  It's big, warm and comfy...perfect.  It would look great on a double bed, it's that big.  Had ten squares left over so I crocheted them together to made a table runner.  Waste not, not want.  I considered selling it but I've spent quite a bit in yarn so I don't think I will (unless you're really interested).

I was also able to finish 3 mice.  They are from an Old Road Primitives pattern.  So cute.  I did a few different things with them but they started from that pattern.  Two of them have a dusty pink homespun skirt and set on top of a paper mache box that I added Scrabble tiles to.  All of them hold a decorative skeleton key and tag that reads, 'You hold the key to my heart'.  I gave them all rustic nails for arms and legs...just thought they would work well (and I really didn't feel like sewing something that small). The last mouse sets upon a large wood block that has a bright pink heart, Scrabble tiles and a super bright green bow.  It really pops and looks fun I think.  Instead of dipping them in a coffee stain I used a spray can of stain on them this time since I was out of coffee stuff.  It worked well, a different also stiffened the ears nicely.  I listed one with the skirt on Etsy yesterday, she's patiently waiting adoption to a good home (is it yours?).  ;o)
On another good note, my paint/craft room is just about done.  I'm waiting to finish a few things and then I'll show it to you.  Lots of stuff has gone to one of the local thrift stores.   Happy Wednesday!  See you again soon.

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The Old Cupboard Door said...

Wow Crystal, your afghan is gorgeous! I love the colors. I don't crochet and I envy those who do. Love the meeces! They are so sweet.

Hope your son and DIL are feeling better soon. Dental work is the pits, especially extractions.



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