Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Raining!

Praises of thanks raise up as the showers of rain come down! It's raining! We have had so little rain here this year...not that we get much anyway. A normal year is 4-4 1/2" for us, pretty sure we are still under 2" for the year. I hope it rains all day! Timing isn't all that fabulous, but hey, we take it when we can get it. It's been so nice I know many of us were planning on an outdoor Thanksgiving Feast. Will need to adjust some plans, it may pass through by tomorrow afternoon. Rain doesn't normally last very long around here.
Of course, we are idiots when it rains when it comes to need more space between cars...and stop slower and sooner.
We are camping over the weekend so the should be no dust on the trails...that's a good thing. I think I will pick up some long johns for the trip. ;)

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