Tuesday, November 4, 2008


That's right, I can't find my camera. It's lost, missing, MIA, gone! I took it to California, I know I had it at the end of the show, pretty sure I had it in the hotel room Saturday night but now I can't find it. I don't like to post without a posts lately. The suitcase, tote bag, and purse have been gutted but alas, no camera. I know as soon as I go out and buy a new one, the old one will reappear. If you see it, it's a little blue Olympus digital camera...hopefully trying to find it's way back home. Check your milk carton, please.


Rochelle said...

I thought I saw it in your checkstan drawer. did you move it?
did you call the hotel?

Crystal Martin said...

I briefly looked in the check stand, called the hotel, not there. I'm bummed


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